Sparkling Personality

My wife and I are on the back-end of our daughter’s senior year in high school. That means our lives no longer belong to us and everything we do seems to be in preparation of her graduation. Having already gone through this with our son, we actually don’t mind and are trying to savor all these precious moments. That, however, doesn’t mean there’s no stress.

I’ve mentioned before that besides being the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad our daughter also plays on the girl’s varsity basketball team. She is one of three seniors on the team. Well, at one of the last home basketball games, it was senior night. So my wife was busy assembling flowers, lei and little gifts for the girls. She’s really great at doing those things.

My wife is a thoughtful and fully engaged mother for our kids and there is nothing she won’t do for our daughter. One of the things the team encouraged for senior night was for people to make posters for the three senior girls. Nothing more had to be said to my wife, who is an excellent crafter, something she learned from her late mother.

In fact, I think when Ben Franklin Crafts runs low on craft supplies, in an emergency they contact my wife to replenish them. So the posters and all her materials were all over our bedroom. That includes my wife’s signature craft supply — glitter.

When she was finished she had made three professional-looking and fun posters for the girls. But our room looked like it was hit by a crafting blizzard with scraps of colored paper, material, pens, markers, glue and glitter everywhere. Naturally, she cleaned everything up with the exception of all the glitter, which even our Dysan vacuum cleaner could not completely get.

Oblivious to that fact, I went to bed that night as I would have to get up at 4 a.m. the next morning to get ready for my MMA Boot Camp training class. The next morning as I got dressed, I looked in the mirror and saw that I was covered head to toe in glitter. Glitter residue must have gotten under our sheets. I was pretty upset to the point where I woke up my wife.

She asked me what was wrong, to which I explained, “I’m blanketed in your glitter. There’s no way I can go to class like this — it looks like I’m covered in stripper’s body glitter.”

She replied, “First of all, what’s stripper’s body glitter? And second of all, how would you know?”