Super Sheroes

Editor’s note: Ron Nagasawa is on vacation. This column was originally published June 8, 2005.

No doubt, there are heroes in everyday life. In my life, there are superheroes straight out of the comic books with whom I have to deal on a regular basis. Maybe you’ve run into them yourself. Or maybe run into their cars.

The other week I was sitting in my truck in a parking stall waiting for my son to show up so I could give him a ride home. Parking stalls these days aren’t meant for trucks and SUVs, and parking is more like being in a can of sardines.

To my left was an even bigger truck parked next to me. I decided to get out and get a drink while I was waiting. When I opened my door, it swung out and gently tapped the truck next to me.

The passenger window rolled down and in the driver’s seat sat what looked like the bigger brother of the Incredible Hulk. He started swearing at me and really blew a gasket. I apologized and said there wasn’t a mark on his truck.

He threw his door open in an attempt to get out when his door hit the vehicle next to him. It was a shiny black Cadillac Escalade. Suddenly, a large woman emerged from the Caddy. It was a local version of Wonder Woman.

I say that because she had raven-black hair pulled back, too-tight-fitting shorts and a bunch of 2-inch-wide gold Hawaiian bracelets on both arms that I knew could deflect bullets. She went off big time on the Hulk and he kind of just stood there as though he was getting scolded by his mom.

Another woman entered the scene, who I think was Mrs. Hulk. I call her Cat Woman, not because she looked anything like Halle Berry, but because between her and Wonder Woman, the fur began to fly.

Me, I made like Yoda and got the Sith out of there.