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Probably the most underappreciated department in any company today is the information technology department, otherwise known as IT. That might be because those computer gurus are superior to most of us. At least that’s the way I feel anytime I have to contact one.

Don’t get me wrong. Back in the ’90s, I used to head up the IT department for MidWeek. So I understand all too clearly the difference between the computer savvy and everyone else. There is no in-between. Either you know it or you don’t. That’s a lot of power.

And since there are exponentially a lot more “don’t knows,” the ones in IT get stretched pretty thin.

That brings me to my home life. Since I use a computer most of my day at work, I’m the IT guy at home. I work exclusively for my wife.

Not a single night goes by that I don’t hear this: “Ron, the computer isn’t working!” That can mean a number of things, from the printer being out of paper to a slow Internet connection. Ninety-nine percent of her problems can simply be remedied by rebooting the computer.

But noooo, she has to make me get out of my chair and investigate firsthand what the problem is. I catch myself morphing into this condescending geek who is irritated by the novice problems being posed by the woman I married. With a big sigh, I’ll tell her to move away from the keyboard.

Within a minute I’ll solve the problem, but I don’t want to spend the time explaining to her what I did. That’s when I realize that she is like me at work when I need IT assistance. My irritation melts away, and I ask if she needs help with anything else.

Back to reality: “Yes, the laundry needs folding.”

Jess Teel of Kalaheo wrote in with her family business site for Microlite Tech. It features the world’s first remote control illuminator: microlitetech.com

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