Twilight Zone

Two things happened to me lately that have shocked me into thinking that I’m getting old. No. 1 is we recently brought on a young, 20-something woman as a part-time freelance designer. In our interview, she came across as intelligent and talented. Seems like she’d be a good fit with our staff.

I got the impression she was shy as she really didn’t say much to me. The other day, she broke the ice by making some friendly conversation. Coworkers surrounded us when suddenly she remarked, “My dad really likes your column!” She was being sincere in paying me this compliment, but everyone else looked at me choking back laughter. It could have been worse as she could have said, “My grandpa really likes your column!”

No. 2 was that I was offered tickets to see the movie Eclipse on opening day. I could score points with my 13-year-old daughter and told her she could also bring a friend. I really couldn’t appreciate the significance of seeing this movie, but the girls could-n’t believe we were going on opening night for the summer movie most anticipated by teenagers across America. I was golden.

I’ve never seen any of the Twilight Saga movies, so I was taking a chance. How bad could it be? I’m one of those “cool” dads even though I’m 51-years-old. The theater had the perfect conditions for slumber – cool and dark. Ten minutes into the movie, I was snoring like a lumberjack’s chain-saw. I embarrassed my daughter, but she forgave me since I did bring them to this, their movie Mecca. I probably should have stayed awake.

After all, it won’t be long before she brings home a vampire or werewolf to meet Daddy.

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