Twinkle, Twinkle

I really wanted to get into the holiday spirit for Christmas this year. Besides acts of charity, nothing does that more for me than to put up decorations on our house. In a way, this represents to the world my shout out of “Merry Christmas!” and my December contribution to the coffers of HECO.

Although I have a bevy of decorations from City Mill, Sears, Lowes, Ben Franklin and Kmart, I wanted to put up something different this year. I explained my predicament to a friend at work and she suggested I go look at the decoration kingdom, FloraDec on Nimitz Highway. So the other Saturday my wife and I stopped by there in my pursuit of that “special” decoration.

I kept walking around the store and, yes, they have a fantastic array of tinsel, glitter and lights. I was acting like my wife shopping at Macy’s. In other words, I spent hours looking around but nothing “spoke” to me. Finally, in a back aisle near all the lights, I found what I was looking for. They were these different colored balls of twinkling lights. I could only find samples, so I had to get someone to help me.

I went to the front register, and this is how it went, “Excuse me but do you know where you keep the twinkling balls?” The young woman looked at me and said, “What!?” I expanded my question, “I can’t seem to find your different colored twinkling balls.” She called out from behind the register to some guy across the room. “This man is looking for some twinkling balls. I think he wants blue.”

Suddenly everyone standing in line was laughing out loud at me. I mouthed the words, “twinkling balls” and realized how stupid that sounds out loud. Then came the capper. He yelled back, “Brah, you want the small, medium or big twinkling balls?” I puffed up my chest and replied, “Big, of course!” I finally got what I wanted. That’s when my wife came up and asked, “Do you see where they have these snow globes?”

I told her, “You’re on your own.”