What The Feng Shui?

Lately I’ve really been trying to improve my lifestyle. Nothing major, but doing things I’ve read about that could make a difference in my life.

The first was a tip from HECO about energy sneakers or phantom loads. That’s when you leave stuff plugged in, like chargers and computers. In our bedroom alone we have so many things plugged in at night that the charging lights alone could illuminate Aloha Stadium.

So I removed all the lights at night and our room was pitch black and actually accommodated a really good night of sleep.

I was on a roll, so after reading Alice Inoue’s Feng Shui column every other week in the Sunday Star-Advertiser Hawaii Renovation section, I picked up some tips about our bathroom – the main one being to shut the bathroom door when not in use so that all the room energy doesn’t flow out through the drains and toilet.

Alice knows what she’s talking about, so I decided to make sure our bathroom door was closed at night.

I bragged to my wife about all the strides I was making in the bedroom.

Her comment, “Good for you, honey.” That night before I fell asleep in complete darkness, I marveled that my energy would no longer be zapped by the toilet. Sometime around 2 a.m., I awoke with the need to use the bathroom.

Out of habit I knew the path and needed no light.

I did forget, however, that the bathroom door was closed and so I ran right into it, receiving a near concussion.

My wife woke up to the noise and asked what happened and if I was OK. I told her I ran into the closed door. As she fell back asleep, she said, “I see that feng shui thing is working for you.” That comment made me leave the toilet seat up to show her that misplaced energy does in fact fall into the toilet.