Getting The Goods To And From Kaua‘i

Aloha Air Cargo delivers nearly 75 percent of interisland freight


Editor’s note: Whether it’s shipping Garden Isle farmers’ produce to markets in Honolulu and beyond, or bringing in everything from electronics to clothing, Aloha Air Cargo plays a huge role in our daily lives. So we asked president Lee Steele to tell us about the company.

Aloha Air Cargo may not be the first business to spring to mind when one is going about daily activities such as grocery shopping or picking up the mail.

But as an island state with unique shipping needs, the ability to transport goods and packages is essential to our way of life.

Whether it is freshly baked bread, the U.S. mail, the daily newspaper, tropical flowers, just-picked fruit or a package that absolutely must arrive the same day, Aloha Air Cargo serves as a vital link for the residents and businesses of Hawaii.

As Hawaii’s largest and most experienced air shipper, we deliver nearly 75 percent of the state’s total interisland freight across Oahu, Kaua’i, Maui and the Big Island, offering more than 30 daily flights – seven days a week.

When I was appointed president of Aloha Air Cargo a few weeks ago, I joined more than 350 employees dedicated to providing fast, reliable service for the prosperity of our local economy.

I know the great reputation of Aloha Air Cargo has taken years of hard work to build.

Lee Steele lends a hand on a forklift

Since 1985, when it began as a division of the much-beloved Aloha Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo has sought to embody efficiency, but also foster genuine aloha spirit in everyday interaction with its customers.

Just as Aloha Airlines was the “local people’s” airline, Aloha Air Cargo has become the air cargo operator “of choice” for kamaaina and their businesses.

Other commercial airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and WestJet also have recognized Aloha Air Cargo’s quality and reliability, utilizing our Aloha Tech Ops division for aircraft maintenance and repairs in Hawaii.

I recognize the integral role Aloha Air Cargo plays in providing much-needed cargo services to local businesses and residents statewide, as well as a range of skill-based jobs within the Islands, and I am committed to evaluating our cargo operations to ensure that we are maximizing operational efficiencies and providing consistent, high-quality service to our customers.

After spending two decades in the airline industry and having previously had the pleasure of being senior vice president at Aloha Airlines, I am pleased to once again be a part of a company with such legendary spirit, and I aim to preserve this as Aloha Air Cargo continues to grow and expand as we support Hawaii’s economy.

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