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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, March 21, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, March 21, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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97 Intoxicated to
133 Navy builder
26 Chansons de
60 Toledo’s lake
93 Speck
97 Intoxicated to the point at
133 Navy builder 134 __ child
26 Chansons de __: medieval
60 Toledo’s lake 62 Snakes in
93 Speck
94 Legendary fire
the point at which getting a
134 __ child
135 WWII spy org.
__: medieval French poems
62 Snakes in hieroglyphics
94 Legendary fire starter
which getting a tattoo sounds
135 WWII spy org.
French poems 28 Clinton running 28 Clinton running
hieroglyphics 65 Valuable rocks 65 Valuable rocks
96 Office group 96 Office group 98 Permissible 98 Permissible
tattoo sounds like a good
mate mate
67 River to the 67 River to the
ACROSS ACROSS 1 Gretchen of
like a good idea?
1 Former Ford 1 Former Ford
29 Revered Mother 29 Revered Mother
North Sea North Sea
100 Son-of-a-gun 100 Son-of-a-gun 101 It makes
101 It makes
1 Gretchen of “Boardwalk
99 Blog feed letters
autos, briefly autos, briefly
35 Coup target, 35 Coup target,
sound sound
everything everything better, better, purportedly purportedly
“Boardwalk Empire”
101 Simple sack 101 Simple sack
2 City on the 2 City on the
perhaps perhaps
70 Ginza locale 70 Ginza locale
4 Takes steps
102 Play for a sap 102 Play for a sap
Missouri Missouri
37 Charlotte of “The 37 Charlotte of “The
72 Wallet contents 72 Wallet contents
4 Takes steps 8 Takes time
103 Martini go-with? 103 Martini go-with?
3 On one’s own? 3 On one’s own?
Facts of Life” Facts of Life” 39 Six-time N.L. 39 Six-time N.L.
73 Wrath 73 Wrath
105 Safe and 105 Safe and
8 Takes time drinking
104 Cries of pain 104 Cries of pain
4 French cleric 4 French cleric
74 J.R.R. Tolkien 74 J.R.R. Tolkien
drinking 14 Tiff
106 Former New 106 Former New
5 Trumpet kin 5 Trumpet kin
home run home run
feature feature
sound 107 Filet __ 107 Filet __
14 Tiff
18 Dr. __ Skoda,
Mexico senator Mexico senator
6 Where Chiang 6 Where Chiang
champ champ
75 Up 75 Up
108 Fat, say
108 Fat, say
110 Hawaiian feasts 110 Hawaiian feasts 111 Nitrogen
18 Dr. __ Skoda, J.K. Simmons’
with an Uncle with an Uncle
ruled from 1950 ruled from 1950
40 Number on a tag 40 Number on a tag
76 Peruvian plain 76 Peruvian plain
J.K. Simmons’ “Law & Order”
Mo Mo
on on
41 __ noir 41 __ noir
77 Travelers’ 77 Travelers’
“Law & Order” role
109 Chowder morsel 109 Chowder morsel
7 Thief 7 Thief
42 Bars not for 42 Bars not for
decision points decision points
111 Nitrogen compound compound
20 Dory, e.g.
112 Iced pastry 112 Iced pastry
8 Rock bottom 8 Rock bottom
drinking drinking
80 Spur-of-the- 80 Spur-of-the-
113 Selected
113 Selected
115 Rulers before 115 Rulers before
20 Dory, e.g. 21 Pricing word
114 Dukes seen in 114 Dukes seen in
9 Revolted 9 Revolted
43 Swiss peak 43 Swiss peak
moment Tinder moment Tinder
21 Pricing word 22 Whiskey
fights fights
10 Coastal inlet 10 Coastal inlet
44 In a bit 44 In a bit
profile? profile?
the Bolsheviks
22 Whiskey cocktail
117 Paradise 117 Paradise
11 Work on a 11 Work on a
47 One watching a 47 One watching a shepherd, say
81 Sgts. and such 81 Sgts. and such
the Bolsheviks 116 Gets ready to 116 Gets ready to
cocktail 23 “Must-see”
121 100 centavos? 121 100 centavos?
seam, say seam, say
84 Plains tribe file 84 Plains tribe file
23 “Must-see” review
123 Twin peaks? 123 Twin peaks?
12 Vaping 12 Vaping
shepherd, say 49 Amigo
85 Leftover morsel 85 Leftover morsel
117 Jane Austen 117 Jane Austen
24 Cheese with an
126 Genetic lab 126 Genetic lab
products, briefly products, briefly
49 Amigo 50 Cleaning 50 Cleaning chemical
87 California 87 California
24 Cheese with an edible rind
samples samples
13 Man of La 13 Man of La
locale where locale where “Maria Maria”
118 Student __ 118 Student __
edible rind 25 Sketching
127 Support beam 127 Support beam 128 Stallion’s mate
Mancha Mancha 14 IRS ID’s 14 IRS ID’s
chemical 52 Renewable 52 Renewable
119 Mongolian tent 119 Mongolian tent
25 Sketching an infamous
128 Stallion’s mate 129 Indy racing
15 Hardy work 15 Hardy work
energy choice energy choice
“Maria Maria” fell in love, in a fell in love, in a
120 “The Mikado” 120 “The Mikado”
an infamous emperor?
129 Indy racing family
16 Certain 16 Certain
54 Physical 54 Physical
Santana hit Santana hit
weapon, briefly
emperor? 27 Outdoor
130 Notes after fa
something something
opening opening
89 Vitamin C 89 Vitamin C
weapon, briefly 122 Anthem opener 122 Anthem opener
27 Outdoor
130 Notes after fa
58 Some 58 Some
source source
124 Eavesdropping 124 Eavesdropping
barbecue area barbecue area
131 Tabloid fodder 131 Tabloid fodder
17 Walked over 17 Walked over
Hollywood FX Hollywood FX
91 Six-pack org. 91 Six-pack org.
for wings? for wings?
132 Start to build a 132 Start to build a
19 Aptly named 19 Aptly named
59 Court arbiters 59 Court arbiters
contents? contents?
125 Young socialite 125 Young socialite
30 Loses it 30 Loses it
pot pot
Renault Renault
31 Yemen’s capital 31 Yemen’s capital
Blog feed letters
33 Weakens 33 Weakens
68 Hard-hitting 68 Hard-hitting
    32 Conger catchers 32 Conger catchers
33 Georgia et al., 33 Georgia et al.,
once once
34 More coarse, as 34 More coarse, as
sandpaper sandpaper
36 Named time 36 Named time
span span
38 Big brand in 38 Big brand in
card collections card collections
43 Stubborn equine 43 Stubborn equine
45 Albany is its 45 Albany is its
cap. cap.
46 Brave opponent 46 Brave opponent
48 iPad, iPod and 48 iPad, iPod and
iPhone? iPhone?
51 More relaxed 51 More relaxed
53 “Word on the 53 “Word on the
stsrteretetisis.....” ” 555FFununynyFFeeyy 5656SShihrtirtnanammeeddfofor r
aagagmamee 5757LaLnadnd
6161GGrarsasysypplalainin 6363AAdmdmit,it,wwithith“t“oto” ” 6464NNeveevreraaggaainin 666RRagaoguotu,t,ee.g.g. . 6969LeLaevaevsesaalolonnee 7171TThehmemeeppaarkrk
bebaesats,t,ppeerhrhaapps?s? 7575AActcrtersess
WWoodoadardrd 7878SSpoptotininththee
SSeneantaete 7979TaTtatottootatargrgeet t 8282RRoaodadsisgignn
cacuatuiotinon 8383GGreraetatLLaakekes’s_’ __
CCanaanlasls 8686MMoroereininclcinlineedd 888GGymymsisteite 9090SScacralerltet’tst’s
plpalnatnattaiotionn 9292WWinidnpdipipee
9595WWoodoldolouusese, ,ee.g.g. .
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  Mistaken Identity
 I’m a creature of habit. For the most part, that means wherever I go on a regular basis, people know me by what I order or purchase. Kind of like when James Bond orders a Vesper martini. For me, it’s probably more like when Norm sits at the bar at Cheers and they serve him a beer.
My morning coffee order at the drive-thru has been pret- ty much the same for years. Baristas who work the window as a part-time job in high school know my order until they ship off to college after graduation. They even know what I order for my wife, which I admit is hard to forget — tall iced soy chai tea latte with extra ice served in a grande cup.
Sometimes just for kicks, I’ll order something other than my hot Americano — like an extra-hot triple espresso. When I get to the window, they’ll exclaim, “Wow, I didn’t recognize your order! Are you OK?”
I frequent a Korean barbecue restaurant near where I work. At least twice a month, I’ll pick up dinner for my family. When it comes to choosing four sides for my kalbi plate, the woman — whom I assume is the owner — auto- matically puts into my plate cabbage and cucumber kim- chi, bean sprouts and watercress.
                                                 Since I’m eating with my family, I try to maintain a semblance of healthier eating by skipping the rice and just having vegetables and protein. So, like clockwork, I have the same plate every time I go there.
      Truth be told, if I didn’t have to eat my Korean plate in front of my family, I’d get it with white rice and four servings of macaroni salad — a literal carb-fest.
    When I frequent my friendly neighborhood 7-Eleven, I always get the same thing. A small coffee and one of those oat cakes that they used to serve at Starbucks. I do that so often that sometimes when I walk in, the clerk will look at me and say, “Sorry, no oat cakes today,” after which I have to opt for a mochi donut — clearly a more desirable alternative. Shucks!
          The other week, I was with my wife at the mall. Walking toward us was the counter guy from a restaurant that I al- ways buy my plate lunch from when I’m at work. I tried to avoid him, but even though I was wearing a mask, I think he recognized me.
      He came up to us and loudly exclaimed, “Hey, you’re the extra fried rice with gravy all over and a side order of large fries!”
    I looked at my wife and then back at him and said, “Sir, I believe you’ve mistaken me for someone else!”
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