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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK JUNE 16, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 13, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 13, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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94 Remote needs
29 On the facing pg.
55 Nicole Kidman’s 92
94 Remote needs 95 “Do-Re-Mi”
1 Spaces for
29 On the facing pg. 31 Really good time
55 Nicole Kidman’s 92 island birthplace 93
Skeptical BOS posting
95 “Do-Re-Mi” critter
1 Spaces for spices
31 Really good time 32 Block ending
island birthplace 93 57 Try again 96
BOS posting Rooster feature
96 Three Kingdoms
spices 2 Rice-__
32 Block ending 33 Mozart’s “__ fan
57 Try again 96 58 Playground 97
Rooster feature Runs off to wed
1 Jelly Roll
96 Three Kingdoms Chinese state
2 Rice-__
3 Astronaut’s
33 Mozart’s “__ fan tutte”
58 Playground crack?
97 98
Runs off to wed Boston __
1 Jelly Roll Morton genre
Chinese state 99 Trading post
3 Astronaut’s apparel
34 Textbook
63 That, to Tito
98 Boston __ 100 Wagered
Morton genre 8 Benjamin
99 Trading post visitors
apparel 4 5, in 2.5
34 Textbook segment
63 That, to Tito
64 Classic Fender,
100 Wagered
101 Den furnishings
8 Benjamin
13 Kind of manner
visitors 103 Nutrition fig.
4 5, in 2.5
5 QB’s concerns
segment 35 Refer (to)
64 Classic Fender, for short
101 Den furnishings
102 Jeanne d’Arc,
13 Kind of manner 20 Repertoire
103 Nutrition fig. 104 Young farm
5 QB’s concerns 6 5, in 5/8, say
35 Refer (to) 36 Nighttime
for short
66 One way to get
102 Jeanne d’Arc, par exemple
20 Repertoire 21 Riveting WWII
104 Young farm animals’ taxi
6 5, in 5/8, say
7 The past, in the
36 Nighttime shindig
66 One way to get around town
par exemple 104 Reese’s output
21 Riveting WWII icon
animals’ taxi company?
7 The past, in the past
shindig 37 Ugandan
around town 68 Vincent van
104 Reese’s output
105 Relieves
22 Volatile solvent
company? 106 Radio switch
8 Buster of old
37 Ugandan neighbor
68 Vincent van Gogh’s brother
105 Relieves
107 Rich, as tomato
22 Volatile solvent 23 Irish region
106 Radio switch 110 Middle Jackson
8 Buster of old Hollywood
neighbor 39 “The Plough
Gogh’s brother 69 Actress Lamarr
107 Rich, as tomato sauce
23 Irish region named for
110 Middle Jackson sister
Hollywood 9 Game with
39 “The Plough and the Stars”
69 Actress Lamarr 70 Harsh critic
108 Dijon daughter
named for a literary
111 Uzbekistan,
9 Game with strikers
and the Stars” playwright Sean playwright Sean
70 Harsh critic 71 Very violent, 71 Very violent, perhaps perhaps
108 Dijon daughter
109 Exodus leader
109 Exodus leader
110 It’s usually
a literary nobleman?
111 Uzbekistan, once: Abbr.
10 Nittany Lions’
41 TV alien 41 TV alien
nobleman? 25 Vehicle in a pit
once: Abbr. 112 Farm song
10 Nittany Lions’ sch.
42 Apple offerings 42 Apple offerings
72 Made 72 Made
110 It’s usually played by a star
25 Vehicle in a pit 26 Works with
112 Farm song letters
11 Jed Clampett’s
43 Depleted sea 43 Depleted sea 44 Southwestern 44 Southwestern
73 Mali neighbor 73 Mali neighbor
played by a star 112 “Yikes!”
26 Works with purls
113 Coup member?
11 Jed Clampett’s find
77 Río contents 77 Río contents 78 Poet Teasdale
112 “Yikes!”
113 Mark and Luke:
113 Mark and Luke:
purls 27 Easy
113 Coup member? 116 Cues from the
find 12 Needle
native native
27 Easy comparison
116 Cues from the Miracles’ lead
12 Needle
13 Hispanic city
47 Song cry heard 47 Song cry heard here, there and here, there and
78 Poet Teasdale 79 Cockney toast 79 Cockney toast
114 “Deathtrap”
comparison 28 Heartache
Miracles’ lead singer?
13 Hispanic city area
opener opener
114 “Deathtrap” playwright playwright
28 Heartache 30 “Star Wars”
singer? 121 Loom power
14 Whist relative
everywhere? everywhere?
81 __ lodge 81 __ lodge
30 “Star Wars” antagonist
121 Loom power source
14 Whist relative 15 Shill
48 Furthermore 48 Furthermore 50 Golden touch
82 “Good” day 82 “Good” day
115 Island garland
31 Commiseration
122 White-plumed
15 Shill
16 Booyah or
occurring once occurring once
115 Island garland 117 Co. heads
117 Co. heads
118 Okla. campus
118 Okla. campus
31 Commiseration at a cookout?
122 White-plumed heron
16 Booyah or bouillabaisse
50 Golden touch king
a yr. a yr.
at a cookout? 35 Inquire
heron 123 Hot air
bouillabaisse 17 Games org.
51 “You __ out?”
84 “Okey-__!” 84 “Okey-__!”
with a Prayer with a Prayer Tower
35 Inquire
38 Advance with
123 Hot air
124 Gave the okay
17 Games org. 18 CSI stuff
51 “You __ out?” 52 Internet link 52 Internet link
86 Snake 86 Snake
38 Advance with determination
124 Gave the okay 125 Framing
18 CSI stuff
19 Poetic adverb
53 Sequence of 53 Sequence of
87 Declines 87 Declines
119 6-Down is in it: 119 6-Down is in it:
determination 40 “The Purloined
125 Framing supports
19 Poetic adverb 24 __ to go: eager,
online posts online posts
88 Human rights 88 Human rights
40 “The Purloined Letter” author
supports 126 Night flights
24 __ to go: eager, colloquially
54 Saturate 54 Saturate
lawyer Clooney lawyer Clooney
Abbr. 120 Hot state
Letter” author 41 Cream additive
126 Night flights
120 Hot state
41 Cream additive 42 __-jongg
    42 __-jongg
45 Normandy city
45 Normandy city 46 Bro, for one
46 Bro, for one 48 Spent
48 Spent 49 Bouquets
49 Bouquets 51 Sham
51 Sham indignation?
56 San Juan 56 San Juan
__: California __: California
mission city mission city
59 Athlete-turned- 59 Athlete-turned-
sportscaster sportscaster
Rashad Rashad
60 “Weeds” law 60 “Weeds” law
org. org.
61 Word with rule 61 Word with rule
or show or show
62 Wears down 62 Wears down
65 USG successor 65 USG successor
66 “It’s __ a while” 66 “It’s __ a while”
67 Excited cry from 67 Excited cry from
a gemologist? a gemologist?
71 Short rules? 71 Short rules?
74 Female lobster 74 Female lobster
75 Wells’ island 75 Wells’ island
doctor doctor
76 Degrade 76 Degrade
80 Junior Olympic 80 Junior Olympic
Games org. Games org.
81 __ Tranquility 81 __ Tranquility
8383FFeaetautruereoof fmmuuchch cocmommeercricaial l
mmapalpelesysryurupp 8585DDileilmemmaa
prperseesnenteteddbbyy aasussupsipciicoiouuss pepaecaeceooffefferirningg??
8989“Y“eYaeha,h,rigrighht!t”!” 9090HHo-oh-uhmumfefeelinlingg 9191InIdnidaiaisishhoommeetoto
aaplpulruaralitlyityoof fitsits
ememplpolyoeyeess 9292___VVicitcotoriaria
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 B PaintTheTown
 esides the Hallmark channel, my wife tends to watch a lot of HGTV. She particularly enjoys the shows featuring women who flip houses or do major reno-
vations without the reliance of men. I admit that I also enjoy those shows, as the before-and-after photos are quite amazing. She was recently inspired to paint our bathroom and vanity area. I guess she was also tired of waiting for me to do it. I had no problem with this and told her excitedly to “go for it!” For the next few days, she went about her normal household routine, all of which had nothing to do with painting. Figuring she decided not to do it, I asked what ever happened to her paint project. She looked at me and said, “I’m waiting on you.” As translated for husbands, that means, “I’m waiting
for you to buy the paint and supplies.”
So, I made a run to City Mill and bought everything she
would need for this task. I put everything in the garage and waited. Again, nothing happened. When I asked her when she was going to get started, she replied, “I’m waiting on you.” Translation: “You need to prep the area and get the paint ready.”
                                               So, I spent the next few hours masking all the hardware and trim, laying newspaper on the floor and fixing the holes in the wall. I mixed and poured out the paint, and then readied her paint tray, roller and brush. I also set up a stepladder.
     When I told her everything was ready, she was again de- layed as she needed to figure out what she would wear to paint the bathroom. I decided to distract myself and play with our dogs, Buddy and Wilson.
     She was making good progress when I heard her calling my name. She showed me the wall on which she had applied the first coat, and it was like she used diluted whitewash. I checked the can and saw that I picked up paint base, which still needed to have pigment added. My bad, although I didn’t want to outright admit it. Instead, I told her I thought the paint was defective and went back to the store.
          Of course, my wife is much smarter than that and is used to my screw-ups, so she played along so as not to make me feel stupid, which I clearly am. Upon my return, she jumped right back into her project.
      I have to admit, she did an outstanding job as the paint was neatly applied and she “cut” all the intricate areas perfectly. She was quite proud as she dusted off her shoulders with the back of her hands. Earlier, I told her that since she was going to paint, I was going to cook. When she saw that nothing was prepared, she asked what happened.
        I looked up and said, “I’m waiting on you!”
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