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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK JUNE 23, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 20, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 20, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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86 Spanish bar
117 First living
12 Teen in a tux,
45 Inspected
83 Hippocratic oath
86 Spanish bar food
117 First living magician with
12 Teen in a tux, often
45 Inspected
46 “The Elephant
83 Hippocratic oath prohibition
88 Kind of trap
magician with a star on the
13 Unconventional,
46 “The Elephant Man” (1980)
prohibition 84 Field or its
88 Kind of trap
90 “That’s enough!”
a star on the Hollywood Walk
13 Unconventional, maybe
Man” (1980) director
84 Field or its measure
90 “That’s enough!” 91 Mild cigar
Hollywood Walk of Fame
maybe 14 Ingenue
director 48 Sn
measure 85 Oneona
1 Market division
1 Market division 6 Subterfuge on
91 Mild cigar
92 Grammy winner
of Fame Against the flow
14 Ingenue 15 Like some
48 Sn 49 Hg
85 One on a fo’c’sle, perhaps
6 Subterfuge on ice
92 Grammy winner for comedy and
119 Against the flow 120 Galena and
15 Like some straits
49 Hg
52 Lack of
fo’c’sle, perhaps 87 Union breakers
10 High-quality
for comedy and banjo playing
120 Galena and others
16 D.C. area
52 Lack of musicality
87 Union breakers 89 __ B’rith
10 High-quality 16 Makes the
banjo playing 94 Is for you?
121 Easy way to win
16 D.C. area airport
musicality 53 Zap
89 __ B’rith 91 Kingpin
16 Makes the rounds for
94 Is for you?
95 Islands west of
121 Easy way to win 122 Mortarboard
17 Sweat spot
53 Zap 55 Rn
91 Kingpin 93 Afternoon
rounds for rounds
95 Islands west of Lisbon
122 Mortarboard dangler
17 Sweat spot 19 Main squeeze,
55 Rn
58 First TV channel
93 Afternoon feature
18 Thick noodle
96 “Buss It” rapper
123 Field protector
19 Main squeeze, in slang
58 First TV channel with 24-hr. news
94 Invite for dinner,
18 Thick noodle 19 “No
96 “Buss It” rapper Banks
123 Field protector 124 Church cries
in slang 20 House IDs
with 24-hr. news coverage say
19 “No Reservations”
97 One-named
124 Church cries
20 House IDs 22 Highway toll,
94 Invite for dinner, coverage say
Reservations” host Anthony
97 One-named singer who
60 Swing seat,
95 Yellowfin
host Anthony 21 One of four
singer who directed “Music”
22 Highway toll, e.g.
60 Swing seat, maybe
95 Yellowfin
99 Firenze friends
21 One of four women with an
directed “Music” (2021)
1 Fireworks
26 South African
maybe 62 La
99 Firenze friends 101 Window sticker
women with an EGOT
98 Emmy-winning
1 Fireworks reactions
26 South African metropolis,
62 La Méditerranée,
101 Window sticker 103 Santa __, Calif.
23 Early rotary-
98 Emmy-winning comedian/
reactions 2 Fe
metropolis, colloquially
Méditerranée, e.g.
103 Santa __, Calif. 105 Seminoles’ sch.
23 Early rotary- winged aircraft
comedian/ actress
2 Fe
3 It may be a long
colloquially 27 Au
64 Stick-y spots?
105 Seminoles’ sch. 106 Spellbound 106 Spellbound 107 “Lohengrin” 107 “Lohengrin”
winged aircraft 24 “Winning __
actress 100 Airport calc.
3 It may be a long one
27 Au
29 Dad-to-tot talk
64 Stick-y spots? 65 Think
24 “Winning __ everything”
100 Airport calc. 102 In the __ of
one 4 Prune
29 Dad-to-tot talk support
65 Think 66 Cu
everything” 25 Butt heads
102 In the __ of time
4 Prune 5 Ideal
support 31 God of 31 God of
66 Cu
67 Whirlybird
108 Morse sounds
25 Butt heads 26 “Elizabeth I”
time 104 “The Kite
5 Ideal
6 Adds dialogue
Guatemala Guatemala
32 Small amount to
67 Whirlybird raisers raisers
108 Morse sounds that can spell that can spell
26 “Elizabeth I” Emmy winner
104 “The Kite Runner”
6 Adds dialogue to
68 Cosa __ 68 Cosa __
Emmy winner 27 “... going, going,
Runner” protagonist
7 Super Bowl LIII
32 Small amount to give
70 Like old timers? 70 Like old timers?
109 Fashion line?
27 “... going, going, __!”
protagonist 105 Rami Malek’s
7 Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian
33 One of four
73 Bass in a band 73 Bass in a band
109 Fashion line? 111 Swirl of smoke 111 Swirl of smoke 112 Royal address 112 Royal address 113 Ne
28 Speedy shark
105 Rami Malek’s Best Actor role
MVP Julian 8 Divided land
33 One of four direcciones direcciones
75 “In Flanders 75 “In Flanders
28 Speedy shark 30 Give in to
Best Actor role 110 Softly
8 Divided land since 1945
34 Net defender 34 Net defender
Fields” setting, Fields” setting,
30 Give in to gravity
110 Softly illuminated
since 1945
9 Official language
35 Subtlety 35 Subtlety
succinctly succinctly
77 Kipling’s Rikki-
113 Ne
114 Contents of a 114 Contents of a
31 Joint winner of
illuminated 112 Obstacle
9 Official language of Belize: Abbr.
37 Shook, in a way 37 Shook, in a way
monk’s bowl
31 Joint winner of the FIFA Player
112 Obstacle 116 Conspicuous-
of Belize: Abbr. 10 Outings with
39 Lunar plains 39 Lunar plains
77 Kipling’s Rikki- Tikki-__
monk’s bowl 115 Econ. indicator 115 Econ. indicator
the FIFA Player of the 20th
116 Conspicuous- ness
10 Outings with buses
40 Ag 40 Ag
Tikki-__ 79 Scam 79 Scam
117 Point
117 Point
118 Blood, slangily 118 Blood, slangily
of the 20th Century award
11 Make more than
41 Least well 41 Least well
81 Shade of green 81 Shade of green
Century award 36 Magic’s org.
11 Make more than
    36 Magic’s org. 38 Martini partner
38 Martini partner 42 Foot rest?
42 Foot rest?
43 Games go-with
43 Games go-with 44 “Long Day’s
44 “Long Day’s Journey Into
Journey Into Night” dramatist
Night” dramatist 47 Snow White
47 Snow White and the Seven
and the Seven Dwarfs, e.g.
Dwarfs, e.g.
48 Sweet __ 48 Sweet __
49 Christmas 49 Christmas
opener? opener?
50 Court exchange 50 Court exchange
51 Author 51 Author
Silverstein Silverstein
52 Nothing in 52 Nothing in
Naples Naples
54 “The Waltons” 54 “The Waltons”
actor actor
56 “Frozen” 56 “Frozen”
reindeer reindeer
57 Screen star, 57 Screen star,
say say
59 Horse trailer? 59 Horse trailer?
61 Red-wrapped 61 Red-wrapped
cheese cheese
63 PC panic button 63 PC panic button
64 __ Creed 64 __ Creed
67 Countermand 67 Countermand
69 Scarcity 69 Scarcity
7171ToTkoykoy,o,bbeefoforere thteheMMeeijiiji
RResetsotroaratiotionn 7272NN. M. Macaeceddoonniaia
m me me mb eb er r 7474CCapapitaital ol of f
LaLtavtivaia 7575TThrheraedadbbaarere 7676MMo.oo. noncece
sesveevnetnhth 7878ImImmorotratal Bl Baabbee 8080SStitcithceheddaaggaainin 8282WWhahlaelreroof ficfitciotionn
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 WCataclysmic Loser
 hen my wife decides to wash her hair before going to work, she wakes up at 4 in the morn- ing. This is so that she can take her time, take
care of her usual morning routine and still make it out the door in good fashion.
Our daughter gets up closer to 6, as she takes her own car even though they both work at the same school. I’m usually still in bed with my alarm ready to go off at 6:30. However, the other morning, both of our dogs decided to wake me up the same time their “mom” woke up to wash her hair.
I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided I would fuel up both their cars before they headed off to work. They would welcome that, and with the cost of gas these days, I know my daughter would more than appreciate it.
Taking my daughter’s car first, I drove to the gas station. It was still dark. When I pulled up to the pump, I found that I couldn’t open the fuel door to the gas tank. It’s supposed to pop open with a little push, provided the car is unlocked.
                                           No luck. I looked at the manual and saw that there was a way to open it through the trunk in case of an emergency. The line of cars started to amass behind me, so I jumped in and drove off to a side street, then pulled over. I then used the flashlight on my iPhone to go into the trunk.
        Removing an interior panel, I saw a ring-pull release for the fuel door. But no matter how hard I pulled it, it would not release the door latch. Thinking I could snake my hand along the cable up to the latch, I took off my jacket and then transferred my wedding band from my left hand to my right.
        I reached into the interior panel and it was a tight fit. Nearly scraping all the skin off my forearm, I managed to get in all the way up to my elbow. I still couldn’t release the latch and found that my arm was now stuck. I felt quite vulnerable as I was awkwardly bent over into the trunk. I put down the phone from my right hand and braced myself on the outside of the trunk while pulling my left arm back from the hole.
           Removing what remained of my skin, my left arm finally popped out, and I fell backward onto the asphalt. My wed- ding ring slipped off my right hand and went under the car.
     I was now swearing under my breath as it was still dark and I didn’t want to disturb the people in nearby houses. I crawled under the back of the car in a desperate attempt to retrieve my ring. The next thing I heard was a man’s voice.
    “So you’re the #@&%$! who stole the catalytic con- verter from my truck!”
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