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Throughout his long career, Hol- lywood insider Mike Evans has met countless big-name celebri- ties, from John Wayne and Jimi Hendrix to Magic Johnson, Pete Rose and more. He’s even hosted a show since the mid- ’90s called On the Road with Mike Ev- ans, which provides his radio and podcast listeners from all over the country with exclusive info from the entertainment and sports industries.
1966, led a life on the lam from the FBI by assuming the identity of an obscure doo- wop duo called Johnny & Jesse.
to Pearl Harbor in the 1940s. Tragedy struck the family early after Evans’ moth- er died in his childhood.
The family later relocated to California and, while living in Long Beach, Evans chose to quit high school at age 16. Till this day, he hasn’t regretted his decision.
“I first started covering Hollywood back in 1963. I know a lot of celebrities, a lot of publicists, agents, managers,” declares the Hawai‘i-born Evans, whose celebrity news and gossip segment continues to be broadcast each weekday during the Perry & The Posse show on KSSK.
“One of the chapters is us in Hawai‘i, where we talk our way into The Mon- kees’ room (prior to the band playing at) the NBC (Neal Blaisdell Center),” shares Evans, 73. “There’s a Hawai‘i connection to it with a whole funny story.”
Almost immediately, he took a job as an intern at news station KFWB. Evangelist Billy Graham was the first celebrity that Evans ever interviewed. During this time,
With the surplus of industry connec- tions he has, it’s not unusual for Evans to be deluged with fresh intel to share.
All of these wild events took place early in Evans’ life before he be- came a well-known DJ at the legendary radio station KROQ
“I’ve got more than I can handle,” he states matter-of-factly.
in Los Angeles.
By his own admission, Ev-
Yet, even though his career has been a veritable who’s-who of interviewing in- dustry luminaries, his personal backstory can also be considered nothing short of legendary in itself. In fact, the longtime Hollywood radio DJ and sportscaster is the inspiration for an “as told to”-style book titled Imposters: Two Boys Who Fooled America by author Richard Blade.
ans’ personal and professional life has been quite strange and tangled, but it also has been an exciting tale.
Based on a true story, the novelized Imposters was released just last month. Evans believes the book has what it takes to be adapted into a movie.
“Everybody that’s heard the story, that’s read the book and has known the story foreve says it’s an unbelievable story,” he declares.
Mike Evans holds a copy of the recently released book Imposters.
Imposters covers a period in the lives of Evans and best friend John Thomas, two teenage boys raised in Torrance, Cal- ifornia, who, for three years beginning in
Hollywood insider Mike Evans is the subject of a fascinating new book that highlights a brief part of his life spent running from the law.
“A lot of (the book) has to do with the Vietnam War,” explains Evans. “Back in those days, I was very anti-war. During the whole book you see that there are FBI people that are chasing me. Some of it is very funny, some of it is very surprising.
“Other than my family, Hawai‘i is the biggest thing in my life,” says Evans, who lived on Tusitala Street and attended near- by Ala Wai Elementary School. “Growing up in Hawai‘i, I was able to spend (time) with my dad (and enjoy) the aloha spirit. I remember marching down Kalākaua Ave- nue the day we became a state.”
“I’ve been blessed. I’m a high school dropout. I didn’t like high school and I’ve always loved the media,” Evans explains.
It starts with his father, a career U.S. Navy man, who was transferred from Long Beach
Naval Station

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