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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK JULY 14, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 11, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 11, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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88 *Ladybird
31 Quarter barrels
61 Whiz kid
621 CWhhoirzekoigdrapher
89 9809 90
91 91
92 92
Embarrassed REemabsaornrafsosred
88 *Ladybird 90 Suit in a
31 Quarter barrels for a beer bash
1 “Dancer in the
for a beer bash 33 Controlling
62 Choreographer de Mille
sRheoaesoinseforrts Psheorseeivnesrearntsce aPnedrsCevueriroasnitcye TarnadckC’sur4io0s0ity mTreatcekr’s 400
90 Suit in a Spanish deck of
1 “Dancer in the Dark” Palme
33 Controlling power
de Mille
63 TV franchise
94 Madre’s sister
d’Or winner von Trier
35 Perseveres, with “on”
with a Vegas spin-off
94 Madre’s sister 95 Mois après avril
2 Clumsy
1 Daffy Duck
95 Mois après avril 96 “The Big __
2 Clumsy
3 Hardly new
with “on” 37 Old nuclear
64 Digital conflict?
1 Daffy Duck feature
96 “The Big __ Theory”
3 Hardly new 4 Item common
37 Old nuclear agcy.
64 Digital conflict? 65 Before ... or after
meters Layers
5 Throws, as the
5 Throws, as the shot
Theory” 97 *Wait
4 Item common to bikes and
40 Dicey spots?
65 Before ... or after 66 Wacko
93 95
Layers Free-for-alls
9 Real grind
97 *Wait
100 Burn slightly
to bikes and pianos
40 Dicey spots? 41 Working
66 Wacko
67 Head of MI6?
95 98
Free-for-alls Where a tot
9 Real grind 13 Second most
100 Burn slightly 102 Air 2 or Pro
5 D.C. bigwigs
41 Working without __
67 Head of MI6? 68 Senator
Where a tot might come
13 Second most populous city in
102 Air 2 or Pro 106 In general
5 D.C. bigwigs
6 Address without
without __ 42 Not, quaintly
68 Senator Klobuchar
might come from?
populous city in the Dakotas
106 In general 107 They’re
6 Address without lat. or long.
42 Not, quaintly 43 Explosive stuff
Klobuchar 69 Issa of
99 99
from? Grass
the Dakotas 18 Chip in a chip
107 They’re sometimes
lat. or long.
7 Detachable strip
43 Explosive stuff 44 Like some roads
69 Issa of “Insecure”
Grass accessory
18 Chip in a chip 19 Brand with a
sometimes goodies
7 Detachable strip 8 Serious
44 Like some roads and receptions
70 Papers in a job
101 101
accessory Anne of
19 Brand with a wasabi-flavored
109 Expert advice
8 Serious
9 Ignore pointedly
and receptions 45 Gourmet
70 Papers in a job recruiter’s office,
Anne of “Psycho” (1998)
wasabi-flavored variety in China
109 Expert advice 111 Sympathize
9 Ignore pointedly 10 In recent history
45 Gourmet mushroom
recruiter’s office, briefly 103
“Psycho” (1998) Aquatic arenas
variety in China 20 Necklace-
111 Sympathize 112 *Hush
10 In recent history 11 Offer a view
mushroom 46 Pipsqueak
briefly 103 73 Bird last seen in 104
Aquatic arenas Bertha was
20 Necklace- fastening site
112 *Hush
114 Fed settings
11 Offer a view 12 “__ Out”: 2017
46 Pipsqueak
49 Seuss character
73 Bird last seen in 104 1662
Bertha was locked in one in
fastening site 21 Most of the
114 Fed settings 115 Second half
12 “__ Out”: 2017 Jordan Peele
49 Seuss character who “speaks for
74 Apothecary’s
locked in one in “Jane Eyre”
21 Most of the Earth’s surface
115 Second half of a children’s
Jordan Peele film
who “speaks for the trees”
74 Apothecary’s
weight 105
“Jane Eyre” Chicago Bears’
Earth’s surface 22 *Extra
of a children’s game
13 Made inroads
the trees” 51 Alternative 51 Alternative
weight 105 75 Story
Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl XX Super Bowl XX winning coach winning coach Denzel’s role Denzel’s role
22 *Extra
25 Brought up
game 116 Olympian
13 Made inroads 14 Biting, as wit
media media
75 Story
77 Urban opposite
25 Brought up 27 Paint fight
116 Olympian queen
14 Biting, as wit 15 Shows over
namesake namesake
77 Urban opposite 78 Nose (into)
108 108
27 Paint fight sounds
117 __ mad: to the
15 Shows over 16 Actress Greer
52 Perfectly fine 52 Perfectly fine
78 Nose (into)
79 “I’m so dense!” 79 “I’m so dense!”
in “The Little in “The Little Things” (2021) Things” (2021) Beseech Beseech
28 Corned beef
117 __ mad: to the max
16 Actress Greer with the longest-
53 __ Johnson, 53 __ Johnson,
81 Purely 81 Purely
28 Corned beef concoction
118 Practices in a
with the longest- ever Oscar
Anthony Anthony
decorative detail 109 decorative detail 109 82 “__ body meet 110 82 “__ body meet 110 ... ” 112 ... ” 112
concoction 29 Latte maker
118 Practices in a ring
ever Oscar acceptance
Anderson’s Anderson’s
__ pressure
__ pressure
Dir. the Kings Dir. the Kings travel to play the travel to play the Lakers
29 Latte maker 30 31-Across prefix
119 Language that
acceptance speech
“Black-ish” role “Black-ish” role
30 31-Across prefix 119 Language that
Kind of punch
54 Pre-1991 54 Pre-1991
83 Bring forth 83 Bring forth
31 Cruise stopover 31 Cruise stopover
gave us “plaid” gave us “plaid”
17 Kind of punch
Georgia, e.g.: Georgia, e.g.:
85 The 85 The
32 *Bad 32 *Bad 34 Since
120 Boundary- 120 Boundary-
23 Order to relax 23 Order to relax
Abbr. Abbr.
Temptations’ 113 Temptations’ 113
Lakers Tango’s Tango’s co-birthplace: co-birthplace: Abbr.
34 Since
36 Small island
pushing pushing
24 Verbal protest 24 Verbal protest
57 DOD intel arm 57 DOD intel arm 59 Dramatic artist 59 Dramatic artist
first #1 single first #1 single
36 Small island 38 Afore
121 Villain in “The 121 Villain in “The
26 Freaking 26 Freaking
87 Dieted 87 Dieted
38 Afore
39 Make out, in
Lion King” Lion King”
29 Carried 29 Carried
Spanish deck of cards
Dark” Palme d’Or winner von
35 Perseveres,
63 TV franchise with a Vegas
  39 Make out, in Manchester
  Manchester 40 *Liar
40 *Liar
45 Attends to
45 Attends to 47 In an absurd
47 In an absurd fashion
48 Popular roller
48 Popular roller coaster name
coaster name 50 Squatters build
50 Squatters build them
them 55 Saucy
55 Saucy 56 Big Apple
56 Big Apple
designer initials designer initials
58 Choice words? 58 Choice words?
59 Some campus 59 Some campus
coaches coaches
60 Messy room 60 Messy room
metaphor metaphor
61 Bakery output 61 Bakery output
62 Plot size 62 Plot size
64 Intellectual 64 Intellectual
65 *Hail 65 *Hail
68 Apollo and 68 Apollo and
Artemis Artemis
71 System 71 System
developed at developed at
Bell Labs Bell Labs
72 Get rid of 72 Get rid of
73 Banned 73 Banned
pesticide pesticide
76 Whizzes 76 Whizzes
77 Waze option: 77 Waze option:
7878OOstsetnetnatatiotionn 7979ToTononeexpxplolorerer r
pupruprlpelebbaackcpkpaackck 8080LiLkieke2020
quqeusetsiotionnss 8181MMoroereirriritraitabblele 8484LiLkiekeaa
prporboabbabiliitlyity didsitsrtibriubutiotionnwwithith twtwoopepaeaksks
8686SSayay“I“Iddoo,”,” mmayabyebe
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 D Almost Famous
 uring all the years I’ve worked for MidWeek, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting many great in- dividuals. Most of my favorites are the working
people, parents, teachers, kūpuna, nurses and civil servants like cops, firefighters and refuse collectors. There’s really too many to list, but I consider all of them to be exceptional members of the community. Then there are the A-listers, well-known politicians, entertainers and business leaders who are bona fide celebrities.
I can count many of those as friends for I’ve gotten to know them over the years in part because of my role at the news- paper. I am usually in awe when in their presence, as I’m the original fanboy.
The other week, my wife and I were invited to a private birthday luncheon for a well-known philanthropist. He’s al- ways been somewhat of a mentor to me, as he is a generous yet humble supporter of our island community. His guests were an exceptional who’s who of down-to-earth and im- pressive individuals. My wife and I had the honor of being seated next to former Gov. George Ariyoshi and his wife, and that made me immediately anxious. I was in the presence of someone I consider to be a legend. I didn’t know what to say, for although he is 95, he’s the sharpest man that I’ve ever met. I knew that because I listened as he spoke to others who stopped by the table to greet him and the former first lady.
                                                     I felt the same way you do when you’re about to ask a girl to dance. Before I could open my mouth, the governor turned to me, poured me a cup of tea and asked, “So, Ron, how are things going over at MidWeek?” Of course, I was blown away and he completely disarmed me with his charm.
        We then entered into an in-depth discussion about local politics and island history. He had just written and released a book, Hawai‘i’s Future, which serves as a blueprint for the current and future generations of the state. It’s a must-read.
    He imparted much of his wisdom on the past, current solu- tions and challenges he envisions we will face in the coming years. He also left me with hope. Not just for me, but for my children and their eventual children as well.
      I was also delighted to speak with Mrs. Ariyoshi. She ex- udes class and warmth, plus she had something in common with my wife and me — we are all Leilehua grads! As we left the restaurant, I offered to carry some of their leftover food packages when they went outside to wait for their driver. Someone wanted to take their picture and asked me, their “driver,” to step out of the photo.
          Oh, well. Back to the C-list for me.
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