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A Whale Of A Movie Month
   The quest to revive theaters with summer blockbusters is on. July releases include the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment, Black Widow; LeBron James in Space Jam: A New Legacy; Henry Gold- ing in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins; Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War; The Rock in Jungle Cruise; and M. Night Shyamalan’s Old. I haven’t listed all the July releases, and I haven’t even mentioned Au- gust. All I know is, with the ex- ception of Black Widow, that’s a lot of dudes.
A big reason why so many movies are coming out so
twice. What we’re seeing is the breaking of a major back- log now that restrictions have been loosened. After a dreadful year and a half, this is arguably the most important month in movie theater history.
Women vote more. Women go to college more. And women account for a little more than half of box office earnings, and they have for years now.
to stream it, I’ll stream it. There’s a phrase in Holly- wood called “dump months.” These are typically the months of the year when studios re- lease movies that they don’t believe will find a ton of com- mercial or critical success. January, February, August and September are traditionally dump months. With this vast array of films, many of which have colons in their titles, this July might be the first dump summer in the history of cin- ema. Not because all these movies are bad, but because of
desperate necessity.
 Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour and Florence Pugh star in the just-released superhero flick Black Widow. PHOTO COURTESY DISNEY VIA AP
Fortunately, it’s not purely CGI spectacle. There are new movies in July that cater to the more “mature” movie fan. Pig (July 16), which stars Nicolas Cage, is about a recluse living deep in the Oregon cut who returns to Portland to find his missing, truffle-hunting pig. I suspect this one will be really good, or really bad. It’s Cage, after all. But yeah, more dudes. And before you say it, no.
Perhaps the film I’m looking the most forward to seeing is the documentary The Loneliest Whale. This film is about the search for the 57-hertz whale, a solitary animal that calls at a higher frequency than others of its species. Discovered in the late ’80s, scientists believe that it has spent the vast majority of its life alone out there in the deep. I believe this will have a limited theatrical release. I hope it plays here, but who knows if there’s room. If I have
quickly this summer is that many of these films delayed their release dates due to the pandemic. Black Widow, for example, was originally sup-
posed to come out in May 2020. Jungle Cruise, much of which was shot here in Ha- wai‘i, wrapped in September 2018. Its release was delayed
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