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     The creator of the annual PhotoCON event is one of the most decorated photographers around, yet Ric Noyle’s greatest success may be in how he always views life through a lens of gratitude and positivity.
  Photographer Ric Noyle has a keen eye for the right light. Af- ter all, his job depends on it.
about understanding the nu- ances of light — soft, hard and diffused — and that they’re all beautiful.”
images of shooting stars to fashion models and every- thing in between — were on the docket for the three-day event. However, with the ex- ponential rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, Noyle made the call to reschedule the convention for a later — and safer — time.
 “One of the things that I encourage everybody who’s interested in photography is to observe the natural light around you, like a family member washing dishes and beautiful light is coming in and there’s a nice pattern on the face,” Noyle says. “I don’t need any setup; I don’t need any lighting arrange- ments.
What sets Noyle apart, though, is the light that’s found within. The South African floats through life on gratitude and goodwill, always finding the silver lin- ing in whatever life throws at him, which, most recently, was quite the curveball.
“Postponing (PhotoCON) was a painful decision,” he says. “There were a lot of moving parts ahead and it took a lot of time and effort to be able to get it there. But at the same time, I had pre- planned ... 14 virtual work- shops (the last of which took place Sept. 8). Little did I know that I would have to rely on those as my entire
“I look at people in their cars and look at the lighting and go, ‘Wow, that’s just beautiful.’ I certainly don’t take a picture of them,” he says with a laugh, “but it’s
For the last 12 months, Noyle has devoted much of his time and energy to or- chestrating the fifth annual PhotoCON, that was slated for Sept. 11-12 at Kualoa Ranch. Forty-two work- shops spanning a variety of topics — from capturing
An 800-pound fiberglass golden elephant is Noyle’s subject when he’s off-duty. PHOTO COURTESY RIC NOYLE

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