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IStringing Together Some Festive Fall Fun
am one of those rare people who white ones to make a snowman, or cre- doesn’t go crazy over pumpkin spice ate a cute brown bear. In the spring, how drinks, but I do love pumpkin crunch about some cute Easter eggs? The possi-
• crochet thread, orange or white for pumpkin
• crochet thread, green or white for leaves and vines
• 15-inch latex balloons
• Stiffy fabric stiffener or Mod Podge • 1-inch foam brush
• cup, or similar
• thin paint brush
• scissors
• orange and green paint, if using white crochet thread
• scrap of brown cardstock, for stem • low-temp glue gun and glue sticks • plastic/vinyl disposable gloves (optional)
• accessories like glitter, firefly lights, garland, etc. (optional)
and pumpkin chiffon pie — and I do love bilities are endless!
making pumpkins from different things. String art pumpkins are made using a classic technique of wrapping the thread
Another cool thing about these shapes is that it is easy to string firefly lights in- side. That brings this week’s craft to a whole other level, perfect for home décor.
 around an inflated balloon.
You can use this technique to make
You can find this project sheet and many more at
character shapes as well. Stack some
Leaving a tail, wrap the crochet thread around the balloon. Have the thread crisscross over. Turn the balloon every so often so that the thread goes in dif- ferent directions. Cover the balloon evenly.
Blow balloon up to about 6 inches. Tie a secure knot.
After the balloon is completely wrapped, tuck the end of the thread under a strand and tie off.
Deflate the balloon by cutting off the knot. Pull the balloon out with a pair of tweezers or scis- sors. If an area was still stuck to the balloon, it may pull the threads out of shape. Stick a chop- stick or scissors inside to reshape.
Take the
balloon and
coat threads
with fabric
stiffener. You can apply the fabric stiffener with a foam brush or your hands (wear disposable gloves).
If you used white crochet thread, you can paint it orange. Decorate by adding leaves. Here, I made a green balloon and cut out leaves from that. Or add a jack-o’- lantern face with felt or foam pieces. Cluster together in a basket or tie up like a garland and add firefly lights.
Place the 5 covered
balloon on
a cup, or something similar,
usually takes a few hours for this to happen. You can sprinkle glitter on the wet piece before drying (optional).
  Since the fabric
stiffener has glued
threads to the balloon
itself, it is important
to separate them,
or the final shape
may get distorted
when the balloon is
deflated. Loosen the
threads from the balloon by pushing the rounded end of a paintbrush through the holes in the threading. This forces the balloon inward and separates the threads.
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