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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, September 19, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, September 19, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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90 Place for an
122 High-tech
14 1960s chess
46 Arles article
85 85
One often seen
90 Place for an anchor
122 High-tech workers
14 1960s chess champ Mikhail
46 Arles article 51 Choir supports
One often seen in curls
anchor 91 Denver-to-
workers 123 Words from
champ Mikhail 15 Ornamental
51 Choir supports 52 Mayo is in it
in curls
TV pioneer
91 Denver-to- Omaha dir.
123 Words from behind a door,
15 Ornamental shrub
52 Mayo is in it 53 “Hooray, the
86 89
TV pioneer __ de mer
Omaha dir. 92 Eyepiece
behind a door, maybe
16 Astronomer’s
53 “Hooray, the weekend!”
89 92
__ de mer Attack
92 Eyepiece 93 Reverence
maybe 124 Blue hue
16 Astronomer’s tool
weekend!” 54 Dorm figs.
92 93
Attack Back
1 Part of a sea
1 Part of a sea urchin’s diet
93 Reverence 95 Kid’s retort
124 Blue hue 125 Go on
17 Fall place
54 Dorm figs. 55 Big name in
93 94
Is no longer
urchin’s diet 5 Rest of the
95 Kid’s retort 96 *Prepare
125 Go on
126 Acronym on a
17 Fall place 18 Galileo’s
55 Big name in kitchenware
94 97
Is no longer Best at putting
5 Rest of the afternoon
96 *Prepare emotionally for,
126 Acronym on a protective vest
18 Galileo’s birthplace
kitchenware 57 Chick magnet?
Best at putting things away?
afternoon 11 “Beat it!”
emotionally for, as something
protective vest 127 Battery terminals
24 “__ your pardon”
57 Chick magnet? 58 Distressed cry
98 98
things away? World’s largest
11 “Beat it!” 15 Big first for
as something unpleasant
127 Battery terminals 128 Back talk
24 “__ your pardon” 26 Like many rich
58 Distressed cry 60 Thickets
World’s largest peninsula
15 Big first for babies
unpleasant 102 What “/” may
128 Back talk
26 Like many rich foods
60 Thickets
65 Goes out with
peninsula Mother of note
19 Wellsian race
102 What “/” may mean
29 School room
65 Goes out with 67 One in a pod
99 100
Mother of note Middle ear bone
19 Wellsian race 20 “Life of Pi”
103 Prepared for
1 Visored French
29 School room encouraging
67 One in a pod 68 Call out
100 101
Middle ear bone Archaeological
20 “Life of Pi” director
103 Prepared for cooking, as
1 Visored French cap
encouraging creativity
68 Call out
69 Asian sultanate
Archaeological find
director 21 “Boo’d Up”
cooking, as corn
cap 2 Brio
32 Fancy neckwear
69 Asian sultanate
70 Cosecant’s 106
Apple varieties
21 “Boo’d Up” singer __ Mai
104 Consort of
2 Brio
3 Byron’s title
32 Fancy neckwear 33 Dolly, for one
70 Cosecant’s 106 reciprocal 107
Apple varieties List-ending
singer __ Mai 22 Mani mate
104 Consort of Psyche
3 Byron’s title 4 Stingy sort
33 Dolly, for one 35 “Family Matters”
reciprocal 107 72 Overhaul
List-ending abbr.
22 Mani mate 23 *Hotel
105 Yours, to Yvette
4 Stingy sort 5 Important
35 “Family Matters” nerd
72 Overhaul
73 Game stick with 108
Three-time Three-time WNBA MVP __ WNBA MVP __ Leslie
List of appts. List of appts. “Only Time” “Only Time” songwriter songwriter
Old food label Old food label nos.
Sit-up targets Sit-up targets Fiddle stick Fiddle stick Taylor of fashion Taylor of fashion Sulu portrayer Sulu portrayer John
23 *Hotel convenience
105 Yours, to Yvette 107 Carry away
5 Important coastal drainage
nerd 36 Spain’s 36 Spain’s
73 Game stick with 108 a net
convenience 25 Manicurist’s
107 Carry away 109 Biblical scribe
coastal drainage river in South
peninsula peninsula
a net
74 Jamie of 74 Jamie of
25 Manicurist’s assortment
109 Biblical scribe 111 Exhibits unease,
river in South Carolina
37 Mashed, as 37 Mashed, as oranges oranges
“Bosch” 110 “Bosch” 110 76 “In the Bedroom” 111 76 “In the Bedroom” 111
assortment 27 Beholden
111 Exhibits unease, maybe
Carolina 6 Swallow
27 Beholden 28 George who
115 Harbormaster’s
6 Swallow
7 “Good grief!”
38 Grande dame of 38 Grande dame of
Oscar nominee Oscar nominee
112 112
28 George who plays Stokes on
115 Harbormaster’s chart
7 “Good grief!” 8 35mm camera
pop pop
77 Some mil. bases 77 Some mil. bases
plays Stokes on “CSI”
118 Miami Sound
8 35mm camera type
39 Doyle’s narrator 39 Doyle’s narrator
78 One of eight 78 One of eight Eng. kings
113 113
30 Minneapolis’
118 Miami Sound Machine and
9 Leaves in a cup
41 Composer 41 Composer
30 Minneapolis’ Target Center,
Machine and others, and
9 Leaves in a cup 10 Sea at one
Shostakovich Shostakovich
Eng. kings 80 Beat it
114 114 116 116 117 117
Target Center, e.g.
others, and a hint to this
10 Sea at one end of the
42 Big galoot 42 Big galoot
80 Beat it 81 Carry on 81 Carry on
31 Roger of
a hint to this puzzle’s circled
end of the Dardanelles
43 Singer 43 Singer
82 Antiglare wear 82 Antiglare wear
31 Roger of “Cheers”
puzzle’s circled letters
Dardanelles 11 Texter’s button
Kristofferson Kristofferson
83 Occupied 119 83 Occupied 119 84 Alexandria’s 120
“Cheers” 32 Stand
letters On deck,
11 Texter’s button 12 Stand-up types
44 Breakaway 44 Breakaway
32 Stand
34 Hotel offerings
121 On deck,
12 Stand-up types 13 “Aladdin” prince
group group
84 Alexandria’s area
34 Hotel offerings 37 Cat’s attention-
perhaps perhaps
13 “Aladdin” prince
37 Cat’s attention- getter, maybe
    getter, maybe 40 *Address
40 *Address essential
essential details
45 Caspian feeder
    45 Caspian feeder 47 Novelist Rita __
47 Novelist Rita __ Brown
48 Pitcher John
48 Pitcher John on three
on three different MLB
different MLB
championship championship
   teams teams
49 Bonanza find 49 Bonanza find
50 Scholars 50 Scholars
54 Roofing support 54 Roofing support
55 Really cool 55 Really cool
56 *Wannabe 56 *Wannabe
lawyer’s lawyer’s
milestone milestone
59 Most clever 59 Most clever
61 Brian of rock 61 Brian of rock
62 Evening affairs 62 Evening affairs
63 NYC congress- 63 NYC congress-
woman, in woman, in
headlines headlines
64 Saint-Saëns’s 64 Saint-Saëns’s
   “__ Macabre” “__ Macabre”
66 Paid informer 66 Paid informer
 67 EPA-banned 67 EPA-banned
chemicals chemicals
71 Swing site 71 Swing site
7575RRNNwwoorkrpkplalacecess 777NNanatnutcukceket t
   ararrivriavlasls 7979“.“..._. __hheeddroroveve
ouotuot fofsisgighht”t:”:
MMooroere 8080BBoaoradrdggaammee
bobnounsus 8585*K*Keepepoonnee’s’s
sasyay 8787BBigignanmameeinin
chcihpisps 888EEnmnmityity
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 W Dr. Nagasawa
 hen I first started writing this column, it was 1997, the year our daughter was born. Our son was 8 years old and besides adoring his little sister, his
big deal was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Our son is a unique individual, as is his sister, and it has made our lives as parents an incredible journey. Our son has always walked his own path. I know this, for when as a child, he asked me to buy him the book Divine Comedy, which contained the poem Dante’s Inferno.
We later discovered that he practically had a photographic memory, which explained why he was later infatuated with Texas Hold’em. It’s also why today he has a command of at least five different languages, maybe more.
While my wife has raised our children as devout Catholics, one weekend when our son was 16, he asked me to drive him to a Tibetan temple in Nu‘uanu. I dropped him off and that became his weekly ritual. One evening when I picked him up, the senior Tibetan monk, Lama Rinchon, asked to speak with me. He marveled at our son’s dedication, cooking, cleaning and learning their rituals at the temple, especially at such a young age. He told me that our son was a Tibetan “tulku,” a reincarnated lama. I didn’t realize the significance of that until a year later, when the Dalai Lama was to be on Maui. Our boy convinced his school to allow him to attend as a field trip, which they did, provided I would be the chaperone for him and another student.
                                                       I managed to book us in the same hotel as the Dalai Lama, but told my son not to get his hopes up too high, that at best we might get a glimpse of this great man. We never got that chance but upon checking out, there was commotion that the Dalai Lama was making his way out of the resort. The lobby was filled with more security than for POTUS, so I positioned my son with his friend on the opposite site of a corridor the Dalai Lama would have to traverse to get to his awaiting vehicle caravan. I said I would snap a photo as the Dalai Lama passed in front of him. Just then, I saw an entourage of people walking from the lobby surrounding an elderly bald man in glasses wearing orange and maroon robes. It was the Dalai Lama. As he walked through the corridor, he suddenly stopped, parted his crowd of escorts and then went up and greeted my son. The Dalai Lama seemed to recognize him! It was then I realized what Lama Rinchon had told me.
                      This year on my birthday, our son received his Ph.D. in religious studies specializing in Tibetan Buddhism from the University of California Santa Barbara.
    It is a most auspicious achievement.
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