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    ASimple Baskets In Time For The Holidays
       tisket a tasket, a sim- itself. Leave the handle off or keep in mind that you want a make. Send photos to joy- ple paper basket! add one with another strip of square that can be sectioned If I Here is another easy cardstock. There are different equally in thirds, like 6-by-6, showcase it here, I’ll send you
Making room for a new concept
project that uses scrap papers. ways to change the look, such 7 1/2-by-7 1/2 or 9-by-9. You a Ben Franklin Crafts gift card.
The basic design is great for a little treat or to use as a favor or a simple “just because” gift.
For the basket handle, take the 1 1/2-by-8 1/2-inch
strip and place on the score board with the 1 1/2-inch edge
aligned to the top edge. Score at the 1/2- and 1-inch marks, creating three even rows.
as folding down the points or adding another layer of print- ed paper to the sides. You can even change the size by using a different size paper — just
Fold the outside sections of the strip to the center. Overlap and tape together to create a 1
can make a bunch to use for your Halloween or fall treats.
• 6-by-6-inch cardstock, solid or printed, for basket
• 1 1/2-by-8 1/2-inch cardstock, coordinating color, for handle
• 1/4-inch double-stick tape • 1/2-inch craft glue dots
• score board
• scissors
• embellishments for handle ends, like stickers or buttons, optional
  The project requires a 6-by- 6-inch cardstock for the basket
Find this project sheet at And don’t forget to share what you
      On the top row, cut the cardstock at the 2- and 4-inch marks, cutting down to the second row scored line. On the bottom row, cut the cardstock at the 2- and 4-inch marks, cutting up to the second row scored line.
Take the basket piece and fold
up the center sections on both sides. Center and tape the handle ends to the center sections, about 1/2 an inch down from the top edge.
For the basket, place the 6-by-6-inch cardstock on the score board and score at
the 2- and 4-inch marks. Turn a quarter and score again at the 2- and 4-inch marks. You should have a card- stock with nine squares. Crease all the scored lines.
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1/2-inch-wide basket handle. Set aside.
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Bring in the two
side sections at an angle. Overlap the sides and tape
over the ends of the handle.
7 Your basket is done but there are other versions you can do. Fold down the pointed edges and tape in place to the inside of the basket. Or, cut 1 1/2-
by-1 1/2-inch squares of a coordinating cardstock and tape to the outer sections. Finally, you can cover the midpoint at the end of the handle with an embellishment like a sticker or button.
Add paper shreds to your basket and place treats inside. Add a ribbon bow or tag to the handle.
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