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Quite Pleased With Portion Control
NOVEMBER 24, 2021
                     My metabolism is not what it used to be, and ever so slow- ly, I am accepting that fact. No longer can I eat whatever I want whenever I want and avoid repercussions. And it’s not just about the weight gain; it’s also about how I feel after eating. Overeating is a common occurrence, as I consume everything that’s set in front of me. (That includes the cabbage that comes with my Korean fried chicken plate from Zippy’s — but let’s not kid ourselves, I’ d eat card- board if it had that sauce on it.) It feels great in the moment, but minutes after putting my chopsticks down and leaning back, the discomfort starts.
The bowl and spoon are not conducive to portion con- trol so I changed to a regular 12-ounce bowl and a dessert spoon. And, wouldn’t you know it, using smaller din- nerware helps!
of me was worried I’ d just eat three portions worth of food in the smaller bowl, but laziness won out, and I found myself not enticed enough to
get up and fill my bowl again. So, yes, smaller dinnerware and utensils work in my case. I knew my indolence would come in handy someday.
    When ordering takeout, I’ll still opt for the regular-sized portion. But upon getting home, I’ ll pack half away to eat later instead of digging in as soon as I walk through the door. When eating in, instead of heaping rice and sinigang (a sour Filipino soup) into a big bowl, I was satisfied with it in a regular-sized bowl; and the smaller spoon made it harder to shovel food into my mouth so I was forced to take smaller bites. A tiny part
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            “Just don’t eat as much,” you might say. And I agree. However, old habits are hard to break, and once I start eat- ing, I keep going until it’s gone. So to the internet I went and found a number of sug- gestions to keep from over- eating. One I thought would be easy to try is using smaller plates, bowls and cups to help with portion control.
Your child’s life is precious.
Don’t wait.
        A creature of habit, I use the same 28-ounce Corelle bowl, Korean-style spoon and chopsticks for everything.
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