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  EDITOR’ S NOTE: As you welcome in the new year, enjoy some of the weirdest happenings from around the world in 2021.
What A Dog!
Russell Jones of London couldn’t figure out why his dog, Billy, was favoring one of his front paws while walk- ing. He took the pet to the vet to have X-rays, United Press International reported, but the vet found nothing wrong. Jones, however, had recently broken his own ankle and was wearing a cast and limping. At the $400 vet visit, the doctor suggested that Billy was sim- ply imitating his owner.
Heil The Throne
In an auction in Chesapeake City, Maryland, that closed on Feb. 8, a white wooden toilet seat pilfered from Adolf Hit- ler’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps sold for about $18,750, The Sun reported. Ragnvald C. Borch, a U.S. soldier who spoke German and French, was one of the first to arrive at the Berghof at the end of World War II. His senior of- ficers told him “to get what you want” from the damaged property, so Borch grabbed a toilet seat and shipped it home to New Jersey, where he dis- played it in his basement.
In Conway, Arkansas, a woman said a man with no arms followed her into a Walmart last September, tell- ing her she had pretty feet and asking if she liked having peo- ple touch them. Later he began harassing her on Facebook.
Bill Panagopulos of Alex- ander Auctions said, “This was as close to a ‘throne’ as the dictator would ever get.”
The medic, Filippa Bua, said she “felt offended as a professional. The color of the arm made me suspicious and so I asked the man to uncover the rest of his left arm. It was well made but it wasn’t the same color.”
Borch’s son put the “tro- phy” up for auction; the buyer was not identified.
The unidentified man will face fraud charges, according to Luigi Icardi, the regional health councilor.
An arrest warrant was is- sued July 8 in Little Rock, Ar- kansas, for Brian Dale Reams, 32, in connection with several
A 50-year-old Italian dentist tried on Dec. 2 to dodge get-
The Strangest News Of 2021
ting the COVID-19 vaccine but still gain a health pass by offering the health worker a silicone prosthetic arm for the jab, The Guardian reported. Italy recently cracked down on unvaccinated people at social, cultural and sporting events, so the man alleged- ly purchased a fake arm that may have cost him hundreds of euros.
incidents where he allegedly approached women and asked if he could touch their feet — with a twist, KATV reported.
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JANUARY 12, 2022 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK 9 SPEED BUMP by Dave Coverly
    Man’s best friend, indeed.
Armed And Ready
A third identified him after viewing screenshots of his Facebook account; he ap- proached her in a Kroger store.
In June, a second woman said a man matching the same description (but wearing a face mask with “Brian” written on it) followed her around the same Walmart and wondered if she’d let him give her a foot massage. He apparently didn’t explain how that might work.
 The Armless Harrasser

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