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 LThese Treats Are On A Roll
ast weekend, there for fathers, like uncles, aun- Get creative and start were two special ties, cousins, coaches and playing with your food! I days to celebrate: yes, single moms. think kids would have fun
• Rice Krispies Treats, homemade or ready-made from store
• dark or milk chocolate melts • black icing coloring
• sushi fillings and toppings
(assorted gummy candies, candy-coated sunflower seeds, Fruit Roll-Ups, mini M&M’S, like red for ume, etc.)
• microwavable mixing bowl, for candy melts
• small spooning, for mixing/ spreading chocolate
• knife
• parchment paper or wax paper • disposable food-grade gloves
• microwave
• kitchen food-grade scissors,
Saturday was International Here’s a big mahalo for making these Rice Krispies
Sushi Day (June 18) and Sunday was Father’s Day (June 19).
For maki sushi: Slice ready-made Rice Krispies Treats in half. Carefully flatten the halves to about 1/4-inch thick. Lay two
to three gummy worms or similar about 1/2 inch in from one edge.
everyone who helps to raise our next generations in any way that you do.
Carefully roll the Rice Krispies Treats like a sushi roll, encasing the gummies in the center. You can use one or both halves
to roll, depending on how big you want your sushi to be. Slice the roll into two to three slices. Set aside.
Treat sushi.
You can find the proj-
   Even though the holidays have passed, it’s still a great time to recognize and thank all the people who stand in
I think dads don’t mind getting a little snack as one of their gifts and we can cele- brate sushi at the same time!
ects sheet on our website at
 There’s a bonus, too, as it has the shrimp tempura recipe.
          For ahi/gunkan:
Use a whole or half ready-made Rice Krispies Treat. Shape into a rectangular block and round the corners. On the top, push slightly down in the center to create
a small bowl with a wall all around. Set aside.
For musubi: At an angle, trim off two corners of a ready-made Rice Krispies Treat, leaving a triangular shape. Round the edges and mold into a triangle musubi shape. Set aside.
Add the nori: Follow the manufacturer’s directions and melt a small batch of milk or dark chocolate. Add a few drops of black icing coloring to the melted chocolate if you want to have a truer color for the nori. Spread a thin layer of chocolate on the outside edges of the prepared sushi.
      Finishing touches: You can place the sushi
in the refrigerator
for a few minutes to harden the chocolate quicker. For musubi: Add a red mini M&M to the center on one side for the ume. For ahi/gunkan: Cut up red gummy bears into small chunks and place on top of the Rice Krispies boat.
    Place your sushi on a plate to serve or in a bento box to give as a gift. Add a pair of chopsticks to complete.

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