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 A Simple, Spooky Treat For The Home, Office
  s October begins, the workplace. For weeks now, she’s same, here’s a simple fun project can color plain white firefly lights Halloween spirit is real- been sharing her “spooktacular” that you could leave on your desk into fun colors like purple (shown ly starting to kick in. For finds for this year’s display, and at work, too. here). This gives you a lot of options
many people, it’s the best time of continues to add to her “bootiful” Thanks to a spiral of clear acetate, for all kinds of projects to use firefly
the year to decorate their home and workplace.
Teri is also a great crafter and
lights with. Have fun making your own “boo-uncing” ghost or maybe even a bat.
3. Place the ghost onto a crumpled paper towel to dry. Measure out two “A” portions of clay and roll each into a small ball. Let dry. When completely dry, paint the balls with the black acrylic paint for the eyes. Letdry.
   This week’s project is inspired by my friend and fellow DIY-er, Teri Suzuki. I’ve loved all her posts over the years of how she decorates her
this little ghost bounces with just a little movement of the jar. Using Hearty clay to shape the ghost keeps it lightweight but heavy enough to weigh the spiral down so the ghost will dangle. Using alcohol inks, you
2. Shape the ball into
a ghost shape. Hollow out the bottom half and curve the bottom edge. You can create “arms” on the sides, like some- one wearing a sheet to be a ghost. Use the end of a thin paintbrush
to make two holes for eyes. Trim the length
of the eye pin and stick in the center top of the ghost’s head.
makes a lot of treat holders that she gives to her friends and family. She’ll also make some of her own decorations. If you like to do the
You can find this project sheet and many more online at benfranklinha- Happy crafting!
 • 2-inch clear packing tape
• white Hearty clay (No. 30006454) • Hearty clay color scale tool
(No. 30227059)
• 3 1/2-by-7-inch glass jar
(No. 30212127)
• black acrylic paint (No. 77624890)
• eye pin (No. 30213230)
• clear acetate (No. 30086639)
• paint brush
• pop-up glue dot (No. 30001511)
• fast-grab tacky glue (No. 30172710)
• Spanish moss (No.30212850)
• firefly lights, 20 count, warm white
(No. 30187630)
• scissors
• jewelry wire cutters
• clear nylon filament cording
• paper towel
• small Halloween decor to add to
the jar, optional
 1. Use the color scale to measure out three “I” size portions of white Hearty clay and roll into one large ball.
           4. Cut a 2-inch circle from the clear acetate. Slowly spiral cut the circle, making a 1/4-inch spiral strip. Leave a 1/2-inch circle at the end, which is the center of the circle.
6. When the ghost is completely dry, glue in the black eyes. Reinforce the eye pin with some glue. Let dry. Thread a 6-inch piece of the nylon filament through the eye pin. Tie to the end of the spiral. Screw the jar lid on to see the ghost dangle in the center.
5. Stretch the spiral alongside the jar
to see how long
you need it to be. You want it to end about 1/3 of the way down from the top to dangle the ghost. Trim as needed. Glue the center end of the spiral to the inside of the jar lid.
    7. Dab the purple alcohol ink on the firefly lights’ tiny bulbs. Take off the jar lid and set aside. At the bottom of the jar, spread some Spanish moss. Weave the firefly lights into the Spanish moss. Turn the lights on and hide the control at the bottom, covered with more Spanish moss.
8. Add other decorations inside of the jar. Screw the lid back on the jar with the ghost dan- gling inside. Add other decorations on the outside of the jar.

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