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nors leads a team of around 60
    s Hawai‘i’s chief federal law enforcement official, U.S. Attorney Clare Con-
assistant U.S. attorneys and staff tasked with protecting the
vo public, defending civil rights Co
and upholding the rule of law.
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political favors.
Former state Senate Major-
“I never watched L.A. LawCit or any of those legal shows,”Re she says. “In high school, I didn’t do debate. I did dramat-ty, ic interpretation.” pic
Just a month into the job, on Feb. 8, 2022, she announced the office was charging two for- mer state lawmakers with honest services fraud — in layman’s terms, they were accused of taking money in exchange for legislation and
lett her role seriously — she seesLe
herself as part of a tradition ofpr leaders guiding an institution with a deep history and a clear mission — she says she hadn’t set out to become an attorney,thr much less a prosecutor. co
   ity Leader J. Kalani English and former state Rep. Ty Cul- len pleaded guilty and English was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison. At press time, Cullen — a sitting lawmaker when he was charged — was awaiting sentencing.
The Punahou School gradan is the daughter of a formeran Catholic priest and a formerdo Catholic nun — both servedbe in the Maryknoll Missionaryaw Society. —
 During her tenure, the office also secured convic- tions against prison guards for assaulting an inmate and attempting to cover it up; a businessman for defrauding the federal government of COVID-19 relief funds; and a former instructor for sexually exploiting a student.
Although they separately left the mission and eventu-an ally started a family together,wa they stayed with the churcha c — not because they wereha blind to its faults, she says,da but because they still believed
in it as a place they couldout worship, serve and advance“A positive change. Connors andgo her late father were lectors atyo St. Anthony of Padua Catho-ern
   But while Connors takes
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       Law and order is front of mind for U.S. Attorney Clare Connors in her role as the state’s top federal prosecutor — but her true calling is public service.
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Connors (center) with first deputy commissioner of New York City Parks & Di Recreation Alan Moss (left) and NYC Parks & Recreation commissioner Henry J. he Stern in 1997. PHOTO COURTESY CLARE CONNORS do
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