Not Enough GOP ‘Righteous’ Votes

Did you read Derrick DePledge’s piece in the Star-Advertiser about Hope Chapel pushing “righteous” – meaning exceptionally religious – Christian candidates?

That did not translate to votes.

Duke Aiona got swamped.

Blake Oshiro, who introduced the civil unions bill and has publicly come out as being gay, easily won.

When Gary Okino ran in the House primary, he said liberal Democrats “are working against everything that God has given us and expects from us … what they intend to do at the Legislature will go against God’s values.” Okino got swamped.

* Here’s something the still Democrat-dominated Legislature needs to keep in mind as it crafts a revived civil unions bill for governor-elect Neil Abercrombie’s signature – and he said in the campaign he would sign one (although he waffled a bit election night, saying we already have reciprocal benefits).

Britain doesn’t have same-gender marriage, but it has civil partnerships – same rights and responsibilities as marriage, different name to keep the naysayers from getting hysterical.

But the UK law specifies same-gender couples. Last week, along came Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, 26-year-old man and woman, and they applied for a civil partnership.

Oops, can’t do that because you’re not a same-gender couple. So it goes to court. Big legal hassle. Any twosome should be able to walk into the Department of Health, file a paper saying they’re not biological brother and sister or first cousins, have the paper stamped and filed, and they’re a legal couple.

* President Obama consistently mispronounced her first name. Hawaii Reporter did two late-hit pieces on her. But Colleen Hanabusa pulled it off, and handily. Frankly, I was surprised. I thought Charles Djou was on a roll. But those “blue face” and “ugly face” ads may have done him in. You don’t do that in Hawaii.

Oh, well, he can tell his grandkids, “I was a congressman once, for seven months.”

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