World’s Greatest Athlete To Visit

Bryan Clay in the moments after winning the Olympic decathlon gold medal in 2008

It takes someone special to inspire youths. There seems to be a dwindling list of role models these days thanks to those who have either cheated on their spouses or juiced themselves with steroids. Hello, Tiger. Howzit, A-Rod?

Then there are the numerous violent video games, social networking indiscretions and cell phones that will do everything but make a kid’s bed for him. Raising kids these days, much less inspiring them, is a tough job.

But there’s at least one shining light people in Hawaii and across the world can be proud of and look up to for some inspiration.

I’m talking about Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bryan Clay. The Kaneohe native will be on Kaua’i to inspire young people Friday, Aug. 20, at Kaua’i War Memorial Convention Hall.

And it’s free!

It all starts at 5 p.m. with a chili-and-rice dinner and rap, hip-hop and break-dancing exhibitions – all leading up to the main attraction: Clay.

It’s being called “Finish Strong, No Fear” and is put on by Kaua’i Island Ministries Youth and the Alec and Belle Waterhouse Lecture Series.

“The public, especially students from sixth grade to college-age groups, should come and learn the principles of how to be a winner in the race called life,” says Pastor Roy Sasaki, event coordinator.

I’ve met Clay, and the first thing you notice is his calmness. It’s almost as if he has found that inner peace most of us strive to attain.

He also doesn’t look the part of “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” and that makes him even more approachable.

“Clay has the passion to mentor individuals in order to mature in their gifts and talents,” Sasaki says. “He helps motivate and empower them with the opportunities, desire and the practical tools necessary to maximize their potential and to encourage their development of character and the pursuit of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being.”

The Castle High School grad also has his priorities in order. He’s hardly ever far from his family, as they usually travel with him to his numerous events. And whenever he gets a chance to be interviewed, he always seems to mention them.

So if you want to hear from an inspiring person, don’t miss this rare chance to see him. He’s definitely got that special something to inspire you, no matter what your age.

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