The 2012 KIF Winter All-Stars

Being an all-star is always fun. Whether you’re placed on a postseason achievement list or selected to participate in an actual all-star game, there is a sense of accomplishment and validation that makes for a nice little bonus for all your hard work.

But there might be something to be said for waiting on such recognition.

I think back to my season of “coach pitch” Little League baseball. My dad was our coach and it was one step up from tee-ball, where the coaches would lob the ball over the plate and we’d all swing as hard as we could.

After the season, the league asked my dad to select his three all-stars to represent our squad. Since we didn’t keep stats and didn’t keep score, he didn’t like the sudden notion of choosing some kids over others when he had been telling them all season that it was just about getting better, having fun and playing as a team.

So he refused, thus ending his illustrious Little League coaching career as he was not asked back the following season. A true Pete Rose story – minus the added income.

As silly as that situation was, all is fair game once we’re talking about high school sports, so without further ado, here are the 2012 KIF All-Stars for the winter sports season, as provided by KIF executive director Diane Nitta:

Girls Soccer

Player of the Year: Jannin Hashizume (Kaua’i, junior); Coach of the Year: Reiko Yoshida (Kaua’i); Forward: Rachel Hinkel (Kapa’a, senior), Malu Vegas (Kaua’i, junior), Holly Kaiakapu (Waimea, senior); Midfield: Cassie Wilson (Kapa’a, sophomore), Jannin Hashizume, Sierra Riemer (Kapaa, senior); Defense: Mia Cabulisan (Kapaa, junior), Cascade Mayer (Kauai, junior), Tyra Tandal (Kaua’i, senior), Ember Teter (Waimea, junior); Goalie: Madeline Rausch (Kapa’a, junior); Utility: Isabelle Jasmine Curtis (Kaua’i, senior)

Boys Soccer

Player of the Year: Shane Nishioka-Healy (Kapa’a, senior); Coach of the Year: Kevin Cram (Kapa’a); Forward: Devan Banasihan-Kenney (Waimea, senior), Daniel Alonzo (Kapa’a, sophomore); Midfield: Josh Cram (Kapa’a, junior), Dylan Devin (Kapa’a, junior), Lucas Gushikuma (Kaua’i, junior), Ryan Perez (Island School, senior); Defense: Abel Antonio Aguilar Aguirre (Kaua’i, junior), Craig Medeiros (Waimea, junior), Blaise Ferguson (Kaua’i, senior), Ty Shiramizu (Kapa’a, senior); Goalie: Garret Beyer (Island School, senior); Utility: Grant Basquez (Kaua’i, junior)

Girls Basketball

Player of the Year: Kristle Henry (Kaua’i, junior); Coach of the Year: Sandi Nadatani-Mendez (Kaua’i); Guard: Vakeesha Lagazo (Waimea, senior), Reggie McCabe (Kapa’a, senior); Forward: Bristy Ann Agu (Kaua’i, senior), Kawehi Louis-Diamond (Kaua’i, junior); Center: Lauren Claypoole (Island School, senior); Utility: Casey Anacleto (Kaua’i, senior)

Boys Basketball

Player of the Year: Willis Batol (Kapa’a, senior); Coach of the Year: Phillip Baclayon (Kapa’a); Guard: Willis Batol (Kapa’a, senior), Kaili Lagundino-Schumacher (Waimea, senior); Forward: Donavon Harrison (Kaua’i, senior), Kainoa Colipano (Kapa’a, senior); Center: Mikal Moranz (Kaua’i, junior); Utility: Lance Miyashiro (Kapa’a, junior)


Girls 200 Medley Relay: Kapa’a (Lana Vali, senior; Tambrina Fairbanks, sophomore; Anya Littlefield, senior; Maluhia Stark-Kinimaka, sophomore); Boys 200 Medley Relay: Kapa’a (Bryson Baligdad, freshman; Kaz Tasic, junior; Rico Joel, senior; Luan Becerra, senior); Girls 200 Freestyle: Anya Littlefield; Boys 200 Freestyle: Quinn Hannah-White (Island School, sophomore); Girls 200 Medley: Kate Machorek (Kaua’i, freshman); Boys 200 Medley: Bryson Baligdad; Girls 50 Freestyle (Kaua’i, freshman); Boys 50 Freestyle: Matt Holzman (Waimea, senior); Girls 100 Butterfly: Sophie Britzmann (Kauai, junior); Boys 100 Butterfly: Bryson Baligdad; Girls 100 Freestyle: Kaitlin Santos (Kaua’i, junior); Boys 100 Freestyle: Tyler Keith (Island School, sophomore); Girls 500 Freestyle: Anya Littlefield (Kapa’a, senior); Boys 500 Freestyle: Quinn Hannah-White; Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Kapa’a (Lana Vali; Kiana Fores, junior; Maluhia Stark-Kinimaka; Anya Littlefield); Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Island School (James Papa, freshman; Quinn Hannah-White; Makalii Pratt, Sophomore; Tyler Keith); Girls 100 Backstroke: Kate Machorek; Boys 100 Backstroke: Matt Holzman; Girls 100 Breaststroke: Yasmine Ware; Boys 100 Breaststroke: Kaz Tasic; Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: Kauai (Sophie Britzmann; Kaitlin Santos; Ellie Valentino, junior; Yasmine Ware); Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Island School (James Papa; Quinn Hannah-White; Makalii Pratt; Tyler Keith)

Canoe Paddling

Girls Crew: Lasha Logan (Kapa’a, junior), Mary Walker (Kapa’a, senior), Michaelyn Alalem (Kapa’a, senior), Tirah Yamamoto (Kauai, Junior), Waianuhea Cordeiro (Kaua’i, junior), Leiann Matagiese (Waimea, junior); Boys Crew: Geordan Gray (Kapa’a, junior), Dustyn DeSilva (Kapa’a, junior), Holden Prem (Kapaa, junior), Dustin Pereira (Kauai, senior), Dominic Armstrong (Kaua’i, junior), Johnny Kanahele (Waimea, senior); Mixed Crew: Aaron Salvador (Kapa’a, junior), Ciara Wainwright (Kapa’a, senior), Shane Iwata (Kaua’i, senior), Daeja Cummings (Kaua’i, senior), Kekoa Cotchay (Waimea, freshman), Kealoha Fu (Waimea, sophomore).