Achieving Fitness Goals

Pratt works with Javon Nasato

Pratt works with Javon Nasato

Julian Pratt
Personal Trainer, 4 Ever Results

Tell us about your work and what you do. I’m a personal trainer, and I run a business called 4 Ever Results. I train people in strength conditioning and help others achieve their fitness goals no matter what they may be. I assist people in improving their overall health. I believe it doesn’t matter if you are 300 or 100 pounds, we all have something to work on and I can get you there. I can work with clients individually or as part of a group, and also conduct individual training sessions as well as boot camps. I like to take advantage of the beautiful settings Kaua’i provides, so I hold many sessions right at the beach.

How did you get started in this business and how long has it been going? I’ve always been interested in fitness and sports. I was working out almost every day at a nationwide gym in California training for sports, and the manager became interested in my ability and fitness knowledge. He inquired about my background and interests and expressed a desire to hire me, which led to me being sent to Calabasas, Calif., where I got certified by the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. For the past five years I have worked with athletes, housewives, professionals – every walk of life – helping individuals improve their fitness levels.

Where are you from originally, and what role does that play in your business? I’m originally from California and have lived in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara County and Las Vegas, among other spots, but I wanted to live and raise my children in paradise – Kaua’i is as close as you can get.

I’m able to work with a variety of folks from diversified walks of life from all over the globe, whether it’s a student from a disadvantaged background in a poor neighborhood or an extremely wealthy CEO. I feel that working with a wide range of clients and helping them better themselves keeps me humble, as it’s a reminder that we all have goals and aspirations we are working toward, as well as walls to break down.

Personal trainer Julian Pratt specializes in strength conditioning, weight loss and personalized fitness plans. Amanda C. Gregg photos

Personal trainer Julian Pratt specializes in strength conditioning, weight loss and personalized fitness plans. Amanda C. Gregg photos

What is your specialty? I specialize in strength conditioning, weight loss and personalized fitness plans. I work with you as an individual to properly identify what your needs and goals are. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in terms of our health, and I can help you fortify those areas of need.

What is your educational background? In addition to my NASAM certification, I have studied emergency medical technician courses and computer accounting, and have coached track. I also have a background as a chef, so I am able to apply my NASAM education in nutrition to practical cooking/eating consultation for my clients as well.

What sets your work apart? My personalized approach: My client is No. 1 always. You would think that all personal trainers would personalize their trainings for their clients, but many follow a set plan that may not work for everyone. I want to make sure that the client reaches their goals and is happy. I’m an active person, and enjoy baseball, basketball, football, track, soccer, water polo, hiking, swimming, standup paddling and bike riding, and I am able to apply a variety of activities and techniques to my clients’ workouts. This prevents burnout and actually encourages independent workouts, as it demonstrates the diverse fun that one can have while becoming more healthy.

What is your business plan for the future? I hope to help as many people on Kaua’i as I can to get fit and healthy. This is such a beautiful place to live that we should all be taking advantage of that beauty by getting out there and being active. My plan is to continue assisting people in achieving their fitness goals and dreams. I’d like to work with more groups, such as families, friends, co-workers – like a fitness hui where the synergy of a group is undeniable, and helps clients achieve further success.

Where can people learn more?

By calling me at 651-1707 or via email at: