Family Music That’s Good For The Soul

Jeremy and Aimee Brown

Jeremy and Aimee Brown

The musical duo of Jeremy and Aimee Brown brings songs to keiki that promote appreciation for nature and can help elevate consciousness

Jeremy and Aimee Brown are passionate about music. “It’s what we love,” says Aimee. “It’s my soul’s purpose to share music. It’s truly what I love, so the more I get to do it, the better I feel.”

The talented musical duo is part of the group Soulgood Family – a band that focuses on elevating consciousness by playing uplifting songs that relay positive messages.

“That’s a big part of what we want to share with people,” says Aimee. “Music is healing; it’s a way to uplift and a way to connect.”

Music also strengthens a community.

“It makes people feel good and brings people together,” says Jeremy.

Even better, Soulgood Family’s tunes are intended for people of all ages.

“It’s a wonderful way to connect with all generations – children and also our kupuna,” says Aimee.

Their recently released album Lifting Consciousness is meant for everyone to enjoy. It contains an eclectic mix of music styles from reggae and country to R&B and lounge.

The entire album, which was released officially last December, contains island-style influenced songs penned by Jeremy over the past 10 years.

“So much love and dedication went into the creation of the album, and just to have something tangible to share with everyone is really exciting,” says Aimee.

Musical sticks can be antennae, too

Musical sticks can be antennae, too

Jeremy shares participa-tory musical expression with students at Kilauea Elementary School, where he has been teaching for almost two years. Aimee also works with children, and hosts a musical gathering with parents and their babies (ages 0 to 3) called Mothersong. The group meets twice a week, sits in a circle and sings joyful songs from many different cultures, sometimes incorporating movement and tools such as shakers and scarves.

“As the kids start developing, they start to join in, which is really sweet,” says Aimee.

Aimee joined harmonic forces with Jeremy approximately 12 years ago when she moved to the island from Washington state.

Interestingly, the musically inclined husband and wife met at a concert while Aimee was visiting the island prior to her move.

Even their children, first-grader Ella and third-grader Caleb, find enjoyment in music.

“They grew up around music,” says Aimee.

In fact, for a long time, they could not keep Caleb off the stage at Café Coco’s, where the group used to perform.

“He would come up and sing his little heart out,” says Aimee.

Now Caleb is saving money to purchase an electric guitar.

Not only do the Kilauea residents believe music is beneficial for brain development and cognitive skills, but it allows children an opportunity to release their energy and express themselves.

“And they get to be creative and participate in something. It also shows them we’re all one,” says Jeremy, noting that “universe” means “one verse.”

Jeremy Brown leads Kilauea Elementary School students in a song | Coco Zickos photos

Jeremy Brown leads Kilauea Elementary School students in a song | Coco Zickos photos

Originally from Oahu, Jeremy gravitated toward Hawaiian music, playing the ‘ukulele and guitar in 1995 when he moved to Kaua’i. Aimee, however, admits that although she grew up singing, it was mostly in the car.

“I wasn’t really comfortable sharing it. That’s something that evolved when I met Jeremy,” says Aimee, who now also plays the ukulele and drums.

The evolution of their group also progressed with time after neighbors and friends started joining in on their musical sessions in various backyards around the island more than a decade ago.

Currently, there are a handful of musicians who regularly join Soulgood Family in performances, and more than 20 who were invited to play with them on the album.

“Soulgood Family is more inclusive than just Aimee and I – it’s really more of a movement,” says Jeremy.

When asked how they came up with the name of the group, Jeremy explains, “It’s a play on words – it feels so good; soul good.”

“It fills your soul,” agrees Aimee. “Music is medicine.”

“We feel really blessed to be doing what we love, and I wish that for more people. I hope everyone can find their passion and share that,” says Jeremy.

Soulgood Family plays Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. at Trees Lounge in Kapa’a, as well as once a month at the Hanalei Farmers’ Market. They also play for weddings and other special occasions.

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