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Taylor Makakoa. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

IF THE GIRL on the cover of Kim Taylor Reece’s 2013 calendar looks familiar, maybe you’ve seen Taylor Makakoa on the beach on Oahu, or more likely in Maxim or on stage at the Mirage Las Vegas with husband Terry Fator. If you’re having difficulty locating the gift that reminds my buddies (who reside on the continent) of my generosity every day, get it online at

PROOF THAT going to law school doesn’t mean you’re smart … Las Vegas metro arrested two Berkeley, Calif., law school students for killing and decapitating a helmeted guinea fowl from the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat … Everybody knows you no can make sabau like that.

IF YOU HATE this time of the year, have some compassion for our brothers and sisters living in the Silver State. Experts estimate that advertising from politicians is easily on track to exceed the amount they spent in 2008 by a third, or a total in excess of $3 billion nationwide. Considered a swing state, Nevadans are exposed to 10,000 political ads … per week!

VEGAS BY THE numbers … Folks looking to get hitched on an auspicious day like 11-11-11 found 10-11-12 to be a good second choice … based on the number of marriage licenses applications. The next propitious date on this year’s calendar is 12-12-12.

MORE VEGAS numbers … The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says Prince Harry’s royal Vegas romp was seen by 154 million people, and they value his viral-ness’ promotional exposure at $23.4 million. Maybe he can use a little Hawaiian respite after his Middle East tour.

500-PLUS YOUTUBE views later, Psy the Gangnam Style guy and the kast from K-town close the Vegas pool season at Rehab’s final party yesterday.

THINK ABOUT THIS the next time you cruise the Strip: Swords, crossbows and flames are now against the law. Seems like a common-sense thing, but street performers desperate to attract attention and tips have integrated Hollywood-style props and special effects that legislators believe put public safety in jeopardy.

SEEMS LIKE EVERY cause has a color, and purple is the one for Spirit Day. That’s why the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, The Fremont Street Experience and marquees for Caesars, MGM, Wynn, Encore, Venetian, Palazzo, TI, Cosmo and more donned the color Friday. The show of solidarity was in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths in a stand against bullying.

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