The Buddy System

It’s no secret that I am totally smitten by our pet dog Buddy. I’ve always been an animal lover and have had these as pets over the years: dogs, cats, fish, turtles, tortoises, birds, rats, mice and even chickens. But our most-recent family member, Buddy Nagasawa, has become my favorite. And he is part of the family, for as any pet owner will tell you, it’s a natural transition.

Our entire family loves him, and while technically he’s our 15-year-old daughter’s dog, it’s more like he’s the baby of the family. That being said, he does get away with more antics in our house than our two kids ever did. It’s just that you can never get mad at the little guy, especially when he looks at you with his cute little furry face while wagging his bushy tail.

If our daughter has me wrapped around her little finger, then Buddy has me on a leash. He can be a lot of work, however, and a lot of expense. I guess that’s why the pet business is booming these days.

Regular visits to the vet can add up, and although he’s healthy, it’s pretty much cash out of pocket to pay for these visits. And while I think my wife is a bigger culprit than I, she will complain about how I spoil Buddy to no end. For the most part, we’re like most families and have to watch our spending. For instance, my wife will try to save money by doing her own hair.

But I got royally busted the other week. I took Buddy to a groomer to get his coat trimmed. Not realizing the full cost of their services, I told them to give him the works. When I picked him up, I was floored by the total cost and put it on my charge card.

I inadvertently left the charge receipt on my dresser. I was in the living room watching TV with Buddy on my lap. As though he sensed something, he suddenly jumped up and hightailed it out of the room. Just then I heard my wife exclaim from the bedroom, “You paid all this money to have Buddy’s hair done, while I’m pinching pennies on mine?”

Needless to say, Buddy’s dog house isn’t that bad a place to sleep in after all.