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Beyonce at the Super Bowl .Photo from Kimo Akane

Beyonce at the Super Bowl .Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

IF YOU DIDN’T get enough Sasha Fierce at the Super Bowl’s halftime … Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour hits the MGM Grand June 29. You’ll need a casino host or ticket broker (scalper) because tickets will probably be gone by the time you read this.

NEVADA GOV. Brian Sandoval is asking his “Ledge” to pass a bill allowing it to partner with other states and offer online poker. The legislation would repeal the existing law that prohibits interstate gaming. If that doesn’t work, maybe they can open a network of gaming rooms that sell Internet time redeemable for online sweepstakes.

YOU KNOW YOU stay ol’ when you see the title of a press release for “Raack ‘n’ Roll” and you salivate like Pavlov’s dawg because the first thing that comes to mind is a full slab of baby back ribs. Deeper reading reveals that it’s actually the name of a new adult topless revue that’s playing now at The D Hotel Downtown … You know you stay really old when you know what the name means and you’re still ono for one rack of baby backs.

IRASSHAIMASE … The world’s first Nobu Hotel Restaurant and Lounge is now open inside Caesars Palace.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE … The Excalibur was evacuated when a ventilation motor overheated, filling the casino with a smoky smell – not to be confused with the good secondhand cigarette kind (he says facetiously).

DON’T YOU KNOW who I am? … Yeah, you’re the guy who’s not getting on the plane. No one said those words out loud, but that’s exactly what happened to Sergio Romo. The San Francisco Giants pitcher was handcuffed and detained for not providing his ID at a TSA checkpoint at McCarran International Airport. If you’ve ever traveled with someone who has forgotten their wallet at home (or in a Las Vegas hotel room), you know that losing your cool is not gonna help your cause.

DID YOU HEAR about the Arkansas couple who went fishing and came home millionaires? Stephen and Terri Weaver bought a lottery ticket on their way to the lake, then bought another at the same store on their way home. They won $1 million on the first ticket and $50,000 on the second. I don’t think this is what Jeff Fortgang had in mind when he penned the tune recorded by the Persuaders, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, Louise Mandrell, Kelly Clarkson and many more. But with a little artistic license, the tune could be easily adapted as the duo’s theme song: Some FOLKS Have All The Luck