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Britney Spears did a surprise free show at rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel and casino for an MTV special. the hype announced the release of her new I Am the Femme Fatale album and concert tour that begins June 17. Some casino honchos are thinking she may be the next big Vegas headliner.

Will the real femme fatale please stand up? … Kevin Federline, Britney’s babies’ daddy, and ex-UH mid blocker Victoria Prince marred the release with rumors that the couple is expecting their first keiki.

Last year the people who went to Vegas played less in the casino, and spent less time and less money gambling. Still, the Las Vegas Visitor and convention authority reports that visitors did spend more on hotel rooms, food and drink, transportation, shopping, shows and sightseeing.

Wherever the mega millions multi-state lotto hits a couple hundred mill, Las Vegans flock to the calneva border town of Primm to pick five numbers from 1 to 56 and one mega millions number from 1 to 46. When the jackpot climbed to more than $300 million, lines formed with people waiting for more than two hours to buy a ticket. So many people bought in on the last day that the jackpot grew from $312 million to $319 million, making it the sixth largest in lottery history. the single ticket is rumored to be held by a pool of seven people, and if they choose the cash option the payday will be $202.9 million. the odds of hitting this puppy are 1 in 175,711,536. this always prompts Nevada lawmakers to ponder joining the multi-state lotto and using the money generated to fund the cost of the state’s educational system (sound familiar?). Unlike the 808, the 702’s primary revenue stream is from gaming, and elected officials are hesitant to do anything that might hurt the golden goose … or their campaign contributions.