The Current Best Android Phone

Motorola DROID X

It seems a new smart phone comes out every time you turn a calendar page.

The latest big release happened last month with Verizon Wireless’ DROID X by Motorola. This is another phone that runs Google’s Android software. Before this DROID X, you may remember the original Droid’s release last November, the HTC Hero a month later, the Nexus One in January, the HTC Incredible in April and the DROID X’s closest rival, the Sprint Evo, in May – all deemed “the best Android phone on the market” during their time.

So I guess you could say the DROID X is the current “best Android phone on the market.”

The first thing I noticed about the DROID X is the size. It’s huge: 5-by-2.6-by-0.4 inches, to be exact. It’s easily the physically largest app phone around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since its size gives it the capability to accommodate a nice 4.3-inch eye-catching screen. What a perfect way to watch your movies from Blockbuster On Demand ($4 for a 24-hour rental, takes about 90 minutes to download), and, of course, your other saved movies/videos.

The physical keyboard is gone from the original DROID, but there are still Menu, Home, Back and Search buttons right below the screen and a dedicated shutter button (for the camera) on the edge. Those buttons still throw me off since I’m used to an all-touch interface with the iPhone.

This phone definitely is not lacking: It’s loaded with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, radio, a powerful speaker (helpful when you don’t have your Bluetooth headset on you while driving), and two microphones for noise cancellation. Not to mention the Android 2.2 operating system and the Flash Player 10.1 (keeping in mind iPhones still won’t support flash).

In addition, the DROID X’s camera is an 8-megapixel wonder with dual LED flashes.

In my tests, the pictures looked great if they were taken in bright light/sunlight, but in a low-light situation the pictures didn’t come out too good (even with the flash). The camera also takes wonderful HD video for a cell phone. Unfortunately, the DROID X isn’t 4G capable, but at least you can turn it into a 3G Mobile HotSpot for up to five devices (extra $20 per month).

The DROID X is available at your nearest Verizon Wireless Store ( for $199.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) with a new two-year customer agreement. You’ll also have to spring for a Nationwide Talk or Nationwide Talk & Text plan (start at $39.99 per month).

So here’s your “best Android phone on the market” – at least until we see another one …

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