Montana What?

I don’t know about you, but I love to eat beef jerky. The problem with that, besides it getting stuck between your teeth, is that it’s pretty darn expensive. I can’t for the life of me figure out why dried meat costs so much. It’s probably what cavemen ate, and I can’t imagine them paying more than a few rocks.

I have found that one of the best places to buy jerky for a reasonable amount is Longs Drugs, especially the “off” brands. One day I was at Longs and purchased one of those brands on sale for a few dollars. Seriously, it was called “Montana Banana Peppered Beef Jerky.”

I wasn’t expecting it to taste very good, but when I got home, I found that it was the best-tasting beef jerky I ever had. I went back the next day to stock up while it was on sale, but they were sold out. I decided to try a different Longs in the hope it would have some.

The next day after work I went to a nearby Longs. I searched high and low but could not find my desired brand of beef jerky. I found a friendly clerk and asked her to help me. I said, “I’m looking for Montana Banana Peppered Beef Jerky.” She replied, “Hanna Montana what?”

I clarified, “No, Montana Banana.” She tried to confirm, “Anna Banana?” Before I knew it, we practically sang the entire first line of the name song, “Anna, Anna Bobanna, Banana Fanna Mobanna …” I thanked her and then swore off beef jerky for the rest of my life.

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MidWeek columnist alumni and SMART magazine publishers Molly Watanabe and Sarah Honda have decided to resurrect the SMART brand with a new venture called SMART deals. It’s a group-shopping site that will provide exclusive deals to subscribers:

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