‘What sets Kaua‘i apart from the other Hawaiian Islands?’

Justin Ventar
Lihue, UPS loader

“There’s more aloha spirit on Kaua’i.”


Jason Ventar
Lihue, Medical transporter

“The aloha spirit and the beauty – all the greenery.”


Debbie Silva
Kalaheo, Nurse aide

“We’re a little bit more laid back and our scenery is greener.”


Koni Silva
Kalaheo, Department of Water inspector

“Everything is in reach of a hand – it’s not too far apart to get anywhere. Kaua’i’s not as laid back as Lanai or Molokai, but is more so than the other islands.”


Marcia McPhail
Hanalei, Wedding coordinator

“The people have open hearts, open minds and are giving and caring. There’s a true sense of community here.”