What foreign language would you like to know and why?

KMW-Poll-032515-Image01-DLGregory Tornier Owner, Mineral Amorphia, Wailua

“German. It would be really helpful when talking to my in-laws.”


KMW-Poll-032515-Image02-DLCarie Daniels Sales, Orchid Alley, Kapaa

“Spanish. I know very little, but it’s such a well-known language elsewhere. I think it would help to know when traveling.”


KMW-Poll-032515-Image03-DLFely Sams Owner, Orchid Alley, Kapaa

“Mandarin. I think it might be an up-and-coming language around the world.”


KMW-Poll-032515-Image04-DLBailey Lauani Sales, Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit, North Shore

“I would love to get fluent in Spanish or Italian or even French — pretty much any of the romance languages would be great to know.”


KMW-Poll-032515-Image05-DLRachel Ellenberger Manager and juice-slinger, Kauai Juice Co., Omao

“Cantonese. I think it’s pretty well-known in some parts of the world. Couldn’t hurt to know it too.”