Do you have a home computer? Mac or PC?

KMW-Poll-040115-Image01-DLCourtney Eiler Waitstaff/Event Coordination, Tortilla Republic, Koloa

“I use a Mac. It’s what we used in college.”


KMW-Poll-040115-Image02-DLGarrett Scherf Banker, Lihue

“I use both because some things are better on one than the other.”


KMW-Poll-040115-Image03-DLLuis Munoz Sales, Radio Shack, Lihue

“Yes, we use a PC, though I am saving up for a Mac.”


KMW-Poll-040115-Image04-DLMindy Hibbitt Kiosk owner, Kukui Grove, Lihue

“We are a mixed family. Mac and PCs, iPhones and Androids throughout the house.”


KMW-Poll-040115-Image05-DLStephanie Ano Real Estate Manager, Anahola

“I use a PC. It’s just what I’ve always had and am used to.”