What is your stance on GMO products?

poll_1Kelieann Nuesca
Anahola, Kapa’a High School

“I’m not for it, because of the experiments they do here. We should be planting our own food.”


poll_2Sanoe Kalama
Lihu’e, Kaua’i High School

“No GMO.”


poll_3Sharon Snuggs
Wailua, Financial services and Bull Shed employee

“It’s Frankenfood. It’s disgusting, and shame on the companies for trying to poison us.”


poll_4Lurline Fernandez
Wailua, Optician

“I would like Kaua’i to be GMO-free.”


poll_5Rick Nawai
Waimea, Electronics technician

“I’m on the fence. It’s supposed to create more food, but we don’t know what the effects are.”