Kenneth Carvalho Wins A $100 Kmart Shopping Spree


Kenneth Carvalho didn’t expect to win a $100 gift certificate to Kmart while he was shopping for a new cell phone card for his daughter, Kiana, last week, but all the Kalaheo resident had to do was correctly answer an easy question posed by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative.

“I shop here pretty often,” he said of the Lihu’e store. “It’s convenient and the people who work here are friendly.”

Kenneth and wife Nicole have four children – Brianni (14), Kiana (10), Sanoe (8) and Reef (5). He is a graduate of Waimea High School.

“I like the stories,” he said regarding why he likes to read MidWeek Kaua’i.

Kenneth also enjoys seeing photos of people he knows in every edition.