Leonor da Silva Wins A $100 Kmart Spree

Leonor da Silva was grateful to receive a $100 gift card to Kmart last week just for correctly answering a very simple question posed by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative.

“I appreciate it very much,” she says. The native of Brazil moved to the island a year and a half ago, and the extra money couldn’t have come at a better time: She is currently in the process of purchasing new household items like a microwave for her home in Kapa’a.

Most recently from California, Leonor has lived in the United States 48 years. She has a son, Wes, who works for Menehune Plumbing.

Leonor loves to read MidWeek Kaua’i.

“I like the food articles and reading the interesting stories about Hawai’i people,” she says.She also enjoys checking out the advertisements for weekly specials at grocery stores.