Beauty Before Age

In my life, family means everything to me. I will never forget everything my parents did for me, and so even though my dad is no longer around, I do my best to see to my mother’s needs. It’s a natural cycle, and I hope that one day our kids will take care of me and my wife. Not as a burden, but you know what I mean.

One of the things I readily do for my mom these days is take her to her doctor appointments. She likes having me there so that I can garner all her medical information and “translate” back to her what she needs to do. That and she doesn’t have to deal with driving there and back, as I will drive and accompany her on these visits.

Recently I took her to see her primary physician. As we approached the medical office building, my mom told me they now offered valet parking for just a few dollars. I was down with that, and I checked my car with a woman attendant. My mom’s appointment went well, which I expected since she looks great for her age and aside from a couple of bad habits, she leads a fairly healthy lifestyle.

When we went back to the valet to retrieve my car, I handed my ticket to the attendant. I saw that my car was parked up front within walking distance, and I figured I’d offer to get it while my mom waited near the valet. When I told the attendant I would do that she readily agreed, but then said, “I’ll wait here with your wife.” That could only mean one of two things. Either she thought my mom looks young enough to be my wife or I look old enough to be her husband. The more I thought about it, the more I think it was the latter, although I admit my mom could pass for a woman much younger than her age. As I helped my mom into the passenger seat of my car, I made sure the attendant could hear me when I said, “OK, Mom, in you go!” As I drove away my mom looked at me and said, “What was that all about?”

That’s when a third option occurred to me, “Nothing, you cougar!”