Instant Recall

You probably don’t know our managing editor Yu Shing Ting, but she is MidWeek‘s social butterfly – and is the nicest, most sincere person in the world. She also writes a popular health column in Oahu MidWeek called On The Move. That makes her our in-house resident expert on all things healthy.

Last week she received some free energy drink samples in the mail. The sharing person that she is,Yu Shing stocked our office refrigerator and told us to feel free to sample the drinks.

Some of the guys and I heard this, and since we’re not the type to turn down free food or drink, we told her we would partake in the beverage the next day when it would be ice cold. The next day, after I handed Yu Shing a FedEx letter that was sent to her, I made my way to the fridge.

I grabbed one of those energy drinks and walked back to my office. Before I could get there I saw Yu Shing showing the letter she just received to the other guys. They were around the fridge about to do the same thing I was – have a taste of the refreshing energy drink. I walked back toward them.

As I put the bottle to my mouth, the guys saw me and yelled, “Ron, don’t drink it,Yu Shing just got this recall letter!” I mentally “pooh-poohed” them and took a big swig. Just then one of the guys read a part of the letter out loud, “Can cause permanent erectile dysfunction …”

Hearing that, I spit the drink out in a gush so hard that I could have driven a nail into mahogany. Howling, he admitted that he made that part up. They all had a good laugh on me. Then I surreptitiously went straight to the bathroom and washed my mouth out for the next 30 minutes.

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