What’s Up, Doc?

The other week I went to my quarterly checkup with my primary physician. I’ve grown very comfortable with him over the years, and while he’s younger than me, I trust him like I would an old country doctor.

Anyway, I left work a little early and took the last appointment opening they had. His nurse, whom I’ve also known for a long time, led me into the examining room. Everything was pretty routine, and she took my vitals as I sat on the paper covering the exam table reading a magazine from 1998.

She left saying the doctor would be right with me. A few minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I looked up and apparently there was a lost little girl wearing a white coat. She said, “Hello, Mr. Nagasawa, I’m a student doctor and I’m going to perform your initial exam.”

OK, so I exaggerated – she was probably in her early 20s, and it didn’t help that she was pretty. She listened to my heart and lungs and with her best bedside manner asked if I was experiencing any problems as of late.

As if I was going to tell her about intimate ailments that I wouldn’t even share with my wife. Even so, I didn’t have any physical problems to report so I replied, “I’m good!” Then the moment I was dreading came up. “Mr. Nagasawa, I need you to remove …” and I braced myself for the worst … “Remove your shoes and socks.”

Phew, the only embarrassment I would have to endure was that I was wearing two different colored socks.

Sarah Badat-Richardson and husband Burton run a Hawaii based martial arts school that specializes in teaching “Mixed Martial Arts For The Street.” They also do a thing I call long-distance training:


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