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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 25, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 25, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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76 Kindle
111 Finish by
17 Transfer __
52 Henri’s “Hi”
83 83
84 84
85 85 87 87 88 88
89 89
90 90
91 91
92 92
95 95 98 98
76 Kindle technology
111 Finish by
112 Rock’s Lynyrd __
17 Transfer __
19 Fish sauce taste
52 Henri’s “Hi” 53 Symbol of
Picturesque language
technology 77 Back on a ship
112 Rock’s Lynyrd __
19 Fish sauce taste 20 Health care
53 Symbol of authority
language English church
77 Back on a ship 80 Gem weight
20 Health care provider: Abbr.
authority 54 Pfizer rival
English church honorific
1 Get gray, say
80 Gem weight units
1 Ottawa-based 1 Ottawa-based
provider: Abbr. 22 Floating above,
54 Pfizer rival
55 More than just
honorific Furry friend
1 Get gray, say 8 Iraq port city
82 Water source
media org. media org. 2 Take on, as
22 Floating above, say
55 More than just talk
Furry friend
8 Iraq port city 13 Knighted English
82 Water source 83 Little terror
26 Like Waldo’s
56 Language of
WWI battle city
13 Knighted English composer
83 Little terror
86 *Camper’s knot
2 Take on, as tenants
26 Like Waldo’s shirt, in kids’ shirt, in kids’
56 Language of southern India southern India
One of a quartet
composer 18 Bust of Pope
86 *Camper’s knot 89 *Ridiculous, as
3 Mythological
of ’50s singing
18 Bust of Pope Paul V sculptor
89 *Ridiculous, as an excuse
3 Mythological lyrist
Paul V sculptor 19 Language family
an excuse 93 Worked on a
4 Boundless
Domed top
19 Language family including Finnish
93 Worked on a Royal
4 Boundless 5 Jeweled
for a threaded
including Finnish and Hungarian
Royal 94 Fragrant
5 Jeweled headgear
65 Bank charge 66 French
and Hungarian 20 “I Hope You
94 Fragrant neckwear
headgear 6 Oxford, to
66 French alternative
Relatives of
20 “I Hope You Dance” singer
95 Giants manager
6 Oxford, to Oxonians
alternative 67 Has at
Dance” singer Womack
95 Giants manager Kapler
7 Fruta en una
67 Has at
68 Dandy fellows
Polite two-word
Womack 21 *Marvel hero
96 Cruel boss
7 Fruta en una colada
68 Dandy fellows 69 Move
English term of
21 *Marvel hero with a red-
96 Cruel boss 97 SoFi Stadium
8 City in NW
69 Move surreptitiously
with a red- white-and-blue
97 SoFi Stadium team
8 City in NW Germany
surreptitiously 70 Bengals, on 70 Bengals, on
white-and-blue costume
99 Family planning
9 “Breaking Bad”
costume 23 *Soviet
99 Family planning topic, familiarly
9 “Breaking Bad” actor __ Paul
Actress Davis
23 *Soviet newspaper
topic, familiarly 102 Big apes
actor __ Paul 10 Arrived headfirst,
Fast-food NYSE
newspaper 24 Like a
102 Big apes 103 *“Walk This
10 Arrived headfirst, perhaps
73 Bite like a puppy
75 Tight-lipped 100 75 Tight-lipped 100 77 Do something 101 77 Do something 101
ticker symbol
24 Like a racehorse’s
103 *“Walk This Way” rap trio
11 General Mills
Beer foam
racehorse’s hooves
Way” rap trio 104 *Oscar-winning
11 General Mills cereal
Mad __: word
25 Apple pie order
104 *Oscar-winning role for Judi
12 Landmark health
45 Leaning
47 Spend time in a
25 Apple pie order 26 Last-second
role for Judi Dench
12 Landmark health legislation, briefly
47 Spend time in a cellar, perhaps cellar, perhaps 48 Returned, as a
Rule that
26 Last-second online auction
107 Made a case
legislation, briefly 13 À la King?
Gandhi opposed
online auction bids
107 Made a case 108 Seventh of eight
13 À la King? 14 Jump to one’s
48 Returned, as a football kick football kick
“¿__ pasa?”
27 OXO tool
108 Seventh of eight 109 Part of town to
14 Jump to one’s feet
__ Starkey,
27 OXO tool
29 Comet, to some
109 Part of town to avoid
15 Talked back to
29 Comet, to some 30 Summer hrs.
50 Houston Texans 50 Houston Texans
Coast hwy. Coast hwy.
30 Summer hrs.
110 They may be 110 They may be
16 List-shortening 16 List-shortening
coach Smith coach Smith
82 Immune system 82 Immune system
drummer for
along the along the
skinny skinny
words words
51 “Carmen,” e.g. 51 “Carmen,” e.g.
component 106 component 106
The Who
Mississippi Mississippi
Once possessed Once possessed
15 Talked back to
drummer for
books books
59 Temperamental 59 Temperamental
of ’50s singing
27 Inflation meas. 27 Inflation meas.
62 (The) big 62 (The) big
28 Russian 28 Russian
leagues leagues
65 Bank charge
Domed top
cabbage? cabbage?
for a threaded
31 MTN __ 31 MTN __
33 Mountain 33 Mountain
Relatives of
footwear, maybe footwear, maybe
35 Pass out 35 Pass out
Polite two-word
36 __-Alt-Del 36 __-Alt-Del
English term of
37 Heat up again? 37 Heat up again?
40 Matches, as a 40 Matches, as a
bet bet
scoreboards scoreboards
42 Stage backdrop 42 Stage backdrop 43 Gives a thumbs- 43 Gives a thumbs-
72 Accompanying 72 Accompanying 73 Bite like a puppy
Actress Davis
up up
ticker symbol
44 Raised 44 Raised 45 Leaning
Beer foam
49 Cultivated 49 Cultivated
81 U.S. __ 1, East 81 U.S. __ 1, East
__ Starkey,
78 Bit of fishing 78 Bit of fishing
Mad __: word
tackle 103 tackle 103
79 Santa Monica 79 Santa Monica
Rule that
Mountains’ __ 104 Mountains’ __ 104 Canyon 105 Canyon 105
Gandhi opposed
WWI battle city
One of a quartet
Fast-food NYSE
“¿__ pasa?”
The Who
  32 Humdingers 32 Humdingers
  34 *Hunk 34 *Hunk
36 *Take only the 36 *Take only the
best best
38 Android 38 Android
alternative alternative
39 Halloween 39 Halloween
decoration decoration
40 “Family Guy” kid 40 “Family Guy” kid
with a football- with a football-
shaped head shaped head
41 __ Beta Kappa 41 __ Beta Kappa
42 Diva’s numbers 42 Diva’s numbers
44 Base-level 44 Base-level
rideshare option rideshare option
46 Host before 46 Host before
Carson Carson
49 *Instrument 49 *Instrument
mmalalelltests 5353*C*Citritursusuuseseddtoto
flaflvaovrorteteaa 5757CCatatltetlecacatcthcheersrs 5858CCanatnintianafafarere 5959’6’06s0-s’7-’070sseeppithitheet t
babsaesdedoonnaa 212s1ts-tc-ecenntuturyry EEmmmy-yw-wininniningg drdarmamaa
6060AApplpialinancecefofouunndd ininPProrvoevenncece??
6161SSuruvriviavalislitst SStrtoruodud
6262OOkrkaraoor roorcraca u nu int i t
6363“D“Drarcauculala” ”aauuththoor r SStotkoekrer
6464PPhihsihseher’rs’scrcirmimee 6868TThrhoraotatpprorobblelemmss 7070GGrarnadndCCaannyoyonn
sisgihgthsts 7171*T*uTrukrekye’ys’saarereaa 7272*S*Symymbobol ol of f
wworotrhtlhelessnsneesss 7474CCrarvaivnigngss
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   N Tattoo, Part Two
ot many people know this, but I have a fairly signif- icant tattoo. I originally got one for personal reasons way before it was a popular thing to do. After my dad
died in the early ’80s, I went to a tattoo “joint” in a seedy part of Wahiawā and had my upper arm tattooed. It was nothing overtly large, just meaningful to me.
The morning after getting it, I was making myself some breakfast and didn’t have a shirt on. My mom, who was orig- inally from Japan, saw my fresh tattoo and yelled, “Go take that off right now!” because, well, yakuza. Eventually, she came to accept it as it was a part of me, her firstborn son. Over the years due to keloid scarring, my tat started to distort and fade, and it looked like something that was done in prison with makeshift equipment.
A couple years ago on my 60th birthday, my family gifted me with something I’ve wanted for a long time: to cover the old tattoo. I researched for the right artist and found local tattoo legend Mike Higuchi at Banzai Tattoo. He’d been in this for a long time and early in his career lived in Japan for three years studying his craft. He’s “inked” many celebrities, MMA fighters, bikers, military and, really, people from all walks of life, now including a newspaper man.
                                                 I opted for a half sleeve, which would cover my old tattoo. It also left me with the option to later do a full sleeve when I was inclined to do so. When you sit in a tattoo chair for hours, you really get to know the person sticking you pretty well. Mike and I became good friends. Besides, his mom is a fan of my column. His art is distinctive yet original, and he really hit the mark with mine, no pun intended. I was constantly complimented on my tattoo, especially by young people. Hey, as long as my wife liked it, that was all the approval I needed.
            Last year, I decided I was going to complete the sleeve but then coronavirus happened. I didn’t think twice about it as, of course, our priorities changed drastically. It wasn’t until recently that I thought I’d give Mike a call. It was actually his birthday, an auspicious sign, and he invited me back to finish my tattoo journey. He wanted to do something special. It was great seeing him when I went in and he offered me a piece of his birthday cake. His mom made him one of her famous rum cakes. I was quite excited to see what he was going to do. His drawing incorporated our Nagasawa family “mon” — or crest — which I provided him from an embroi- dery my grandmother had done. When I sat down for what would be seven hours, Mike said he was going to give me a three-quarter sleeve, what the yakuzas do.
                    I then looked up and gave my mom a wink.
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