Page 9 - MidWeek Kauai - April 28, 2021
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        1.Place the 5-by-6-inch cardstock onto the score board with the 6-inch edge along the top. Score at the 1/2-inch and 5 1/2-inch marks. Turn the cardstock so the 5-inch edge is along the top. Score at the 2 1/2-
inch center mark.
others with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and gradu- ations coming up.
have on hand ready to use.
Have fun crafting and don’t forget to share what
2. Trim off both 1/2-by- 2 1/2- inch sections on one side.
3. Fold up the cardstock at the 2 1/2-inch scored line. Fold in
the two 1/2-inch side tabs.
Tape down the tabs to form the inner pocket.
A lot of times, when you don’t know what to give a person, a gift card is the perfect answer. You can add a personal touch by placing the gift card in a holder that you make yourself.
you make. Send a photo to joyofcrafting@gmail. com. If we share it here, I’ll send you a Ben Franklin Crafts gift card! You can find this project sheet and many more at
 SA Gift For The Person Who Has Everything
ometimes there will be a special occasion to This week’s project is a simple and fun gift card give someone a gift, while other times it will holder. The gift card sits in a pocket but when the be a random act of kindness. The weeks ahead card is opened, the gift card slides up out from the
• 5-by-8-inch card- stock, solid or printed, for the card base
• 5-by-6-inch cardstock for inner pocket
• 4-by-7-inch cardstock for slider
• 3-by-9-inch cardstock for outer band closure
• 1/4-inch double-stick
tape, No. 30013284
• embellishments like stickers, stamped images, etc., optional • scissors
• We R Memory Keepers trim and score board, No. 30195075
• paper trimmer, No. 30088131
  give us many opportunities to show appreciation for pocket. Use up your scraps and make a bunch to
    Slip the bottom
      4. Take the 5-by-8-
inch cardstock and
on the top. Score at the 4-inch mark to make the base. Fold at the scored line and crease.
    place on the score board with the 8-inch edge
  5. Open the card
and align the pocket with the bottom
edge inside the card. Tape to the inside of the card.
6. Place the 4-by-7-inch cardstock onto the
score board with the
7-inch edge along the top. Score at the 3 1/2-inch
halfway mark to make the slider. Fold at the scored line and crease well. Note: The right side of the paper is the inside of the slider that will be seen.
7. half into the pock- et. Place tape on
the back of the top half of the slider. Align the slider to the top edge of the card and tape the top of the slider to the inside of the card base. Tape the gift card onto the bottom half of the slider that is inside the pocket. When the card is opened, the gift card will slide up from the pocket.
              8. Wrap the 3-by-9-inch cardstock around the closed card and tape the overlapped edges, creating a band to keep the card securely closed. Embellish the band and other parts of the card.

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