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 10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK MAY 5, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 2, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 2, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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93 Truman veep 127 Rockefeller
14 Absorb, with “up”
55 Analogous 87
12-time NFL Pro
93 Truman veep 127 Rockefeller Barkley Center muralist
14 Absorb, with “up” 15 Prayer set
55 Analogous 87 56 Road __
12-time NFL Pro Bowler Junior
Barkley Center muralist 94 Budget, in brand 128 Be on the same
15 Prayer set to music by
56 Road __
58 Barely gets, with 88
Bowler Junior Tuesday dish?
94 Budget, in brand 128 Be on the same
to music by Schubert and
58 Barely gets, with 88 “out” 90
Tuesday dish? Tightening
ACROSS ACROSS 1 Nutty green
names 96 Youngest
129 Unfairly presents
16 Triumph at a 16 Triumph at a
61 Doctrines to live
by 95 by 95
1 Nutty green sauce
96 Youngest woman to
129 Unfairly presents 130 Campus bigwig
Colorful marble
6 Balance scale
serve in the U.S. Congress,
131 Doesn’t guzzle 132 Parcels (out)
6 Balance scale pair
U.S. Congress, familiarly
132 Parcels (out)
69 Scot’s nots
70 Fireplace piece 70 Fireplace piece
100 100 102 102
103 103 104 104 105 105
107 107
109 109 111 111 112 112
114 114 116 116 118 118
119 119
121 121
10 Blockheads
Eur. realm until
18 Roll call calls
24 Many a Mormon 24 Many a Mormon
Nice turndown?
10 Blockheads 14 Brazilian music
14 Brazilian music genre
19 Church part
19 Church part 20 Create a
33 Cook, as clams 35 Connor of
E-flat equivalent
20 Create a diversion for,
35 Connor of “Terminator” “Terminator”
diversion for, maybe
music genre
maybe 21 Connive
74 River nymph 75 Hometown of 75 Hometown of St. Teresa
21 Connive
22 Egg producer
violently, as a
22 Egg producer 23 Triumph in the
38 “Paradise Lost” figure
St. Teresa
76 Triumph at the 76 Triumph at the
23 Triumph in the schoolroom?
figure 39 Singer/ 39 Singer/
“Bad idea”
schoolroom? 26 Black tea
26 Black tea variety
“Don’t worry
27 Flier in the wind
about me”
27 Flier in the wind 28 Herbal tea
8 Locally, its first “a” is
Trac II cousin
28 Herbal tea
29 Spill the beans
first “a” is pronounced as
Ballpark figs.
29 Spill the beans 31 British stables
pronounced as in “trap”
31 British stables 32 She, in Siena
in “trap”
9 Scroogean
32 She, in Siena 34 Noses out
9 Scroogean
10 Decide to leave,
81 Año starter 82 Throat
“__ Gotta Have
34 Noses out 36 Crusty ocean
10 Decide to leave, with “out”
82 Throat condition condition
It”: Spike Lee
36 Crusty ocean growth
with “out”
11 Almost all the
38 Triumph at a
11 Almost all the time
49 Beats it
52 Haul from a job
38 Triumph at a
comedy club?
52 Haul from a job
contents, briefly
hockey arena? hockey arena?
125 Asked 125 Asked
12 Anticipated 12 Anticipated
54 Least healthy- 54 Least healthy-
“Legacy” “Legacy”
123 123
Gymnast’s goal
41 Dr.’s order? 41 Dr.’s order?
126 Brontë heroine 126 Brontë heroine
13 Class 13 Class
looking looking
86 Salon coloring 86 Salon coloring
124 124
Speedy escape Speedy escape
43 Hit a few pubs 43 Hit a few pubs
Schubert and Gounod
“out” 90 61 Doctrines to live
Tightening device
woman to serve in the
130 Campus bigwig 131 Doesn’t guzzle
Colorful marble
98 Eur. realm until
71 London lockup 71 London lockup
1806 1806
1 Prepare for a trip 1 Prepare for a trip
25 Average mark 25 Average mark
72 Language of 72 Language of
99 Orville Wright’s 99 Orville Wright’s
2 K-12, in 2 K-12, in
30 Chocolate __ 30 Chocolate __ 33 Cook, as clams
Lahore Lahore
birth city birth city
education education
73 Word with 73 Word with
E-flat equivalent
101 Author Beattie 101 Author Beattie
3 Occasion for 3 Occasion for
control or control or
102 Triumph at 102 Triumph at
pomp at a pomp at a
purpose purpose
74 River nymph
music genre
the mountain the mountain
national capital national capital
films films
summit? summit?
4 “Honor Thy 4 “Honor Thy
37 White lap dog 37 White lap dog 38 “Paradise Lost”
violently, as a
106 Catalog 106 Catalog
Father” author Father” author
108 Black cattle 108 Black cattle
5 Mork’s planet 5 Mork’s planet
“Bad idea”
breed breed
6 Red Sox star 6 Red Sox star
winery? winery?
110 “Hang on __ ... ” 110 “Hang on __ ... ”
Big __ Big __
songwriter __ songwriter __
78 Like New 78 Like New
“Don’t worry
111 It follows copper 111 It follows copper
7 Degraded 7 Degraded 8 Locally, its
Ray Joel Ray Joel
40 How Phileas 40 How Phileas
York’s Chrysler York’s Chrysler
about me”
on the periodic on the periodic
Building Building
Trac II cousin
table table
Fogg traveled Fogg traveled
80 ’80s-’90s Harry 80 ’80s-’90s Harry
Ballpark figs.
113 Astronaut’s 113 Astronaut’s
42 Infiltrator 42 Infiltrator
Anderson Anderson
insignia insignia
44 Deli counter qty. 44 Deli counter qty.
sitcom sitcom
81 Año starter
115 Sagittarius, e.g. 115 Sagittarius, e.g.
45 HS exams 45 HS exams
“__ Gotta Have
117 Romances 117 Romances
48 “Moneyball” 48 “Moneyball”
It”: Spike Lee
120 Love, in Rome 120 Love, in Rome
co-star co-star 49 Beats it
122 Triumph at a 122 Triumph at a comedy club?
85 2010 sci-fi 85 2010 sci-fi
salon? salon?
68 Some rats 68 Some rats 69 Scot’s nots
97 97
17 Sweat spot 17 Sweat spot 18 Roll call calls
sequel subtitled sequel subtitled
contents, briefly
Nice turndown?
Gymnast’s goal
    46 “Aladdin” prince 46 “Aladdin” prince
47 Commercial 47 Commercial
suffix with wheat suffix with wheat
48 Figureheads 48 Figureheads
may be seen on may be seen on
them them
50 Legal 50 Legal
encumbrances encumbrances
51 Edison rival 51 Edison rival
53 Like some 53 Like some
relations relations
57 Order including 57 Order including
whales and whales and
dolphins dolphins
59 Words to live by 59 Words to live by
60 Triumph in a 60 Triumph in a
bakery? bakery?
62 Final: Abbr. 62 Final: Abbr.
6363AAllilalinacnece acarcornoynmym
6464CCatatlaolgog 6565GGPPSS
susgugegsetsiotionnss 666“A“AmmereicriacannDDaadd!”!”
chcahnanenel l 6767DDigirgersesisoionn 7 17 1 G Go t o i t t i t r i gr i gh ht , t ,
lulcukciklyily 7474RRuruarlatluturnrnddoowwnn 7 7 7 7 D D r u r mu m m m e e r r U U l r l i r c i h c h 7878TaTkaekeaachchaanncece 7979SSomomeefrforomm
FFrarnacnece 8383PPrerfeixfixfofor rththee
bibrdirsds 8484TrTiurimumpphhoonn
drdurmums?s? 888CCororrurpupt t
8989WWorodrsdsththaat tcacann b eb eg eg ne ne er or ou us sy ey et t unucnocmompprorommisiisningg
9191OOnenemmaakikninggaa bibgigwwithithddrarawwaal?l?
9292“R“RagagegeddDDicikc”k” auatuhtohror
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  M HulaHoopla
 an, I have got to get back to my Bootcamp work- outs. It’s been a little over a year now since I’ve been to my classes and, although they’ve been
conducting Zoom and YouTube sessions, I could never mo- tivate myself to exercise alone and in front of a camera. And although they started to open for in-person training, the last thing I want to do is burpees while wearing a mask.
Sure, all excuses. I know. But I just haven’t had the personal motivation that I enjoyed a year ago. My trainers and workout partners, all of whom I consider friends, have been trying to get me to come back. I’m pretty sure I eventually will, it’s just that I first need to get back to a reasonable starting point since I’ve put on at least 25 pounds and lost significant muscle mass.
Some of my motivation of late has been whenever I open the Sunday Honolulu Star-Advertiser obituary/memorial sec- tion, and I see a rather large proportion of individuals who have passed that are around my age of 62! Not saying they were out of shape, but certainly there were health issues con- tributing to their demise.
                                             I have also been inspired by my wife. She has an incredible amount of discipline, having kick-started her own fitness plan that she established a few years ago. Every day, rain or shine, she jumps on her treadmill. She also does some strength train- ing with weights. This is all on top of her physical workday, and I am amazed by the great shape she is in.
        Recently, she added a new exercise to her regimen — a weighted hula hoop! She says it’s good for the core and great for cardio. Truth be told, I was making fun of her because, in my mind, there’s no way that doing a hula hoop is going to get you in shape. Remember Shake Weights? I rest my case.
        Still, she would simply roll her eyes at me and chase me out of the room. One evening, she was in the kitchen on the phone with her sister. I went to our bedroom to get something when I saw the hula hoop leaning against our dresser. I silently shut the door and got into the hula hoop start position. I was going to settle this once and for all and like a wobbly gyroscope spun the hoop around my waist. I must have looked like the ugliest belly dancer in the world when the hoop flew out of control. I knocked everything off our dresser, including a ceramic statue of Jesus that belonged to my wife’s mother.
              My wife came running into the room, exclaiming, “Ron, what the ...?” I was standing in a pile of dresser rubble con- sisting of a lamp, a jewelry tree and assorted trinkets, a TV remote and, of course, Jesus (miraculously undamaged).
    I looked at her and said, “You’re right! My core has never felt better!”
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