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        1. Decide on the size and shape you want for your plant marker. Cut out from clean plastic. Round
the corners so it isn’t sharp.
2. On scratch paper, draw two straight lines a little wider than the chopstick or craft stick you plan to use. Have
the two lines at least a 1/2 inch apart. Place the clear plastic shape over the two lines.
3. Use the craft knife to make slits in the plastic, using the drawn lines as
a guide and the ruler as a straight edge. Start with short slits and adjust later if needed.
6. Slip the chopstick or
craft stick back onto the plastic. Place the marker in the soil next to the plant.
4. Slip the chopstick or craft stick through the slits to
create the holder. Adjust the slit if needed. Remove the stick for now.
SExercise A Green Thumb With Plant Markers
pring gardening season is in full swing. Everywhere you look, by 3 inches. I then rounded the corners, so I wouldn’t poke myself! you see beautiful flowers and vegetable gardens. If you are Next, I made two slits using a craft knife.
like me, I’ve just planted a bunch of seeds and I don’t want This is where I will slide a chopstick or craft stick in to create
to get confused about what I planted. I also like to remember the the little sign.
names of the plants I already have. So, let’s make some simple plant markers.
Now comes the fun part. I used paint markers and decorated the sign with the name of the plant. Then, I slipped the craft stick into the slits and placed it in my potted plants! So easy!
This week, we’ll be upcycling some plastic containers. I used that big plastic one that comes full of yummy croissants, but you can use 2-liter soda bottles, bento containers or whatever you have.
You can do different versions by laminating a picture of what the grown plant should look like, or even plant care instructions if it’s a gift. Happy gardening and happy crafting!
All it takes is just a few easy steps. Wash the container first, then cut out shapes you want for your plant markers. I made mine 2 1/2
You can find this project sheet at
• clean plastic contain- ers to upcycle (clear bento packs, pastry boxes, plastic bottles, etc.)
• paint markers — assorted colors and
tip sizes
• dry erase/chalk mark- ers, optional
• craft sticks or wooden chopsticks
• paper
• scissors
• craft knife and cutting mat (or old magazine) • ruler with a straight metal edge
• scratch paper and pencil/pen
        Water garden
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 5. Use the paint markers to
decorate the plastic. Write the name of the plant it will be used for.
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