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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK MAY 12, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 9, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 9, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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84 Writer with the
120 Hollywood’s
14 “Little House”
48 Synagogue
Friend in France
84 Writer with the most combined
120 Hollywood’s Annette and
14 “Little House” series author
48 Synagogue scroll
81 82
Friend in France Sty feed
most combined Oscar and Tony
Annette and Peter
series author Laura __ Wilder
51 Way to go
82 85
Sty feed Soft toss
Oscar and Tony nominations
121 Valhalla VIP
Laura __ Wilder 15 __ Féin
51 Way to go 52 Jolly Roger
85 86
Soft toss Subtle
nominations 87 Showgirl in a
121 Valhalla VIP 122 Street, in
15 __ Féin 16 Defeatist’s
52 Jolly Roger bosun
86 89
Subtle Authority
87 Showgirl in a Manilow song
122 Street, in Stuttgart
16 Defeatist’s statement
54 Consumes
Authority abusers
1 Perfume brand
Manilow song 88 Czuchry who
Stuttgart 123 Sneaky
17 Chad, but not
54 Consumes 55 Newcastle
Bridge supports
1 Perfume brand that sounds
that sounds forbidden
88 Czuchry who played Cary
123 Sneaky programs
17 Chad, but not Jeremy
55 Newcastle Brown __
90 92
Bridge supports Cow, at times
5 Was humbled
played Cary Agos on “The
programs 124 Street in New
18 Two-time Oscar
Brown __ 56 “Game of
92 93
Cow, at times Pond dweller
5 Was humbled 12 Resulting (from)
Agos on “The Good Wife”
124 Street in New York’s Chinatown
18 Two-time Oscar winner Jackson
56 “Game of Thrones”
93 94
Pond dweller “I, Claudius”
12 Resulting (from) 19 It’s known for its
Good Wife” 91 Closing the
York’s Chinatown
winner Jackson 23 Chow line?
Thrones” patriarch Stark
“I, Claudius” author Robert
19 It’s known for its bell ringers
91 Closing the doors of a
23 Chow line? 27 “Survivorman”
patriarch Stark 60 Gin rummy
95 95
author Robert Small racing
bell ringers 20 Only one of
doors of a financial
1 Bedtime melody
27 “Survivorman” creator Stroud
60 Gin rummy action
Small racing vehicle
20 Only one of Rolling Stone’s
financial magazine?
1 Bedtime melody 2 Fuel-efficient
creator Stroud 28 Whipped cream
action 62 Twenty
vehicle Stick (to)
Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest
magazine? 93 French toast
2 Fuel-efficient Chevy
28 Whipped cream serving
62 Twenty Questions
97 98
Stick (to) “Chandelier”
“500 Greatest Songs” not
93 French toast need
3 Loudmouth
32 “Becoming”
Questions category
“Chandelier” singer
Songs” not written in
96 Turkish bread
3 Loudmouth 4 Not culturally
32 “Becoming” memoirist
63 “Super!” 102
singer Charades player
written in English
96 Turkish bread 99 Round-skipping
4 Not culturally sensitive, for
memoirist Michelle
63 “Super!” 102 64 Sushi garnish 104
Charades player __ salts
21 Like Hershey’s
99 Round-skipping edge
sensitive, for short
Michelle 33 Teases
64 Sushi garnish 104 66 Land in “The 105
__ salts Fancy home
21 Like Hershey’s Kisses
100 Newspaper
5 A’s, Jays and
33 Teases 34 Stay over
66 Land in “The 105 Hunger Games” 106 Hunger Games” 106 67 Hokkaido noodle 107 67 Hokkaido noodle 107
Fancy home Surmise Surmise
“__ Were the “__ Were the Days”
Kisses 22 Celebrity
100 Newspaper essays
5 A’s, Jays and Rays
34 Stay over
35 Mall features 35 Mall features 36 Swiss capital
22 Celebrity magazine
101 Gift tag word
6 Records, in a
36 Swiss capital 37 Switch
68 Unusual 68 Unusual
Days” Hurricane- Hurricane- tracking agcy. tracking agcy. Jazzy Jones Jazzy Jones Team’s burden Team’s burden Either H in H2O Either H in H2O “No Angel”
magazine employee?
101 Gift tag word 103 Film that’s
6 Records, in a way
69 Yankee 109
employee? 24 Night vis-á-vis
103 Film that’s barely shown?
7 “The Future
37 Switch positions positions
69 Yankee manager Boone
24 Night vis-á-vis Nacht, e.g.
barely shown? 105 Marlon’s
7 “The Future of the Movies”
38 Baseball’s “Little 38 Baseball’s “Little
manager Boone 70 “... and justice 70 “... and justice
110 110 111 111 112 112 113 113
114 114 115 115
118 118
Nacht, e.g.
25 Possessive in a
105 Marlon’s “Godfather” role
of the Movies” co-author
Giant” Giant” 40 Social 40 Social
for __” for __”
25 Possessive in a Harry Potter title
“Godfather” role 108 Shoplifting
8 Sonatas, say
71 Outdoor gear 71 Outdoor gear
Harry Potter title 108 Shoplifting
8 Sonatas, say 9 Real estate ad
companions companions
giant giant
26 Using a lifestyle 26 Using a lifestyle
a fitness a fitness
9 Real estate ad abbr.
43 Neatened, as 43 Neatened, as
72 Tom or tabby 72 Tom or tabby
“No Angel” singer
singer Release Release
Job for a body Job for a body shop
magazine to magazine to
magazine? magazine?
10 Symphonic wind
barracks barracks
75 Do penance 75 Do penance
cool off? cool off?
111 Not bright 111 Not bright
10 Symphonic wind 11 In a languid way
44 Ward off 44 Ward off
76 Very upset 76 Very upset
29 Kind of DA 29 Kind of DA
116 Split 116 Split
11 In a languid way 12 Highlight
45 Vintage auto 45 Vintage auto
77 They may be 77 They may be
30 1983 Streisand 30 1983 Streisand
117 Kiosk selling a 117 Kiosk selling a
12 Highlight 13 Reindeer
46 Features of 46 Features of
slid into ovens slid into ovens
2015 Verizon 2015 Verizon acquisition acquisition
title role title role
news magazine? news magazine?
13 Reindeer landing area
many fonts many fonts
80 Fries, e.g. 80 Fries, e.g.
31 Uproar 31 Uproar
119 Nook or Kindle 119 Nook or Kindle
landing area
32 Large seal 32 Large seal
    hunters hunters
36 “What a lousy 36 “What a lousy
play!” play!”
39 Furry wrap 39 Furry wrap
41 Catch in the act 41 Catch in the act
42 Found a 42 Found a
child-rearing child-rearing
magazine? magazine?
47 Head-turning 47 Head-turning
hiss hiss
49 Levine of 49 Levine of
Maroon 5 Maroon 5
50 Goes too far 50 Goes too far
53 “Over There” 53 “Over There”
songwriter songwriter
57 Jumble 57 Jumble
58 Spanish 58 Spanish
province or its province or its
capital capital
59 Zodiac animal 59 Zodiac animal
60 Group mental 60 Group mental
condition condition
61 Firewood option 61 Firewood option
... or destiny ... or destiny
62 Former Russian 62 Former Russian
space station space station
63 Tired 63 Tired
65 Removed all 65 Removed all
evidence of evidence of
66 Graphic for 66 Graphic for
a personal a personal
mmagaagzaizninee?? 7070EEsostoetreicric
7373CChahlalellnenggeess 7474TThehyeymmaayybbee
blbolcokcekded 7575WWorokrmkmaannshshipip 7878PPrersesusureredd, ,wwithith
“o“no”n” 7979LeLgeegnedndoonnththee
iciece 8080InIdnidainanwwrarapp 8282WWhohopop-d-dee-d-doo 8383TThrheree-_-__
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 T Taking A Leak
 he other day as I was preparing to leave work, my wife called. She was somewhat frantic, and I suddenly became concerned.
“Ron, there’s water all over the kitchen floor! I looked un- der the sink and one of the pipes has broken off!”
Once I discerned that it wasn’t a water supply pipe and that it was the disposal drainpipe, I told her that I was leaving and would be home soon to “fix” the problem.
My wife did her best to mop up the water, and under the sink were a bunch of beach towels to catch the residual drips from the pipe. I switched on an LED flashlight that I bought for hurricane preparedness and snaked under the sink on my back. It was an awkward position to be in, and I knew I would regret it.
As I used a pipe wrench to remove the broken pipe, water trickled down my arm into my armpits. Garbage disposal water splashed onto my face, and for the first time in months, I actually wished I had my face mask on to prevent water from going into my mouth!
                                             (Note: You know you’re getting old if you’re Japanese and shout “yoy-sho!” when you get up from the floor.)
  I threw the pipe pieces into a Ziploc bag and drove to City Mill for replacement parts. There were a billion pipe replace- ment configurations in both metal and PVC, so it took me a while to find the piece that matched.
      I crawled back under the sink only to find that while I had the right configuration, the connections were for a threaded pipe, whereas the existing pipes had pressure lock connec- tions. Long story short, I needed to change out all the pipes!
      While I was under the sink and swearing up a storm, my wife, in an effort to lighten things up, started groping and tickling me. I avoided smacking my head against the pipes while laughing and shouting, “Quit it! I’m trying to work here!”
      My wife went out to the store, so I decided to call my brother to see if he knew anyone who could do the work for me. My last resort would be to call a licensed plumber, al- though our household budget is kind of tapped out right now.
      My brother called a friend who immediately showed up and got right to work under the sink. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who watch over a workman’s shoulder, so I went to my room to check email. Our dogs heard my wife come home and in a split second of thinking, I dashed into the kitchen to intercept her.
        While the repair guy might not mind, I wanted to save my wife the embarrassment of groping a complete stranger.
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