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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK JUNE 9, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 6, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 6, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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74 Goals
103 Kunis of “Black
7 Firepit contents
33 Go bad, as milk
64 654 685 7618 741
Off the mark IOt hffathseitsmtarirckks RI t eh i an sd ei t es r t r r i ac ck ks GRleoirnifdyeer rack
74 Goals 75 Cheryl of
103 Kunis of “Black Swan”
7 Firepit contents 8 Fairway
33 Go bad, as milk 35 Pre-Richie TV
75 Cheryl of “Charlie’s
104 Noble gas that
8 Fairway considerations
35 Pre-Richie TV role for Ron
“Charlie’s Angels”
104 Noble gas that sounds like a
considerations 9 It’s hot for a
role for Ron 36 Opposite of fer
WGlaolrlifSyt. figures
76 Pizza chain,
sounds like a French forest
9 It’s hot for a while
36 Opposite of fer 37 “An Essay
74 75
Wall St. figures It may be buried
76 Pizza chain, familiarly
French forest 105 Valuable painting
10 “Insecure”
37 “An Essay on Man” poet
1 Thompson of
familiarly 77 Fords’ White
105 Valuable painting hanging in the
10 “Insecure” actress
on Man” poet Alexander
75 76
It may be buried Homely fruit?
1 Thompson of “Westworld”
77 Fords’ White House
hanging in the potting shed?
actress 11 Company
40 Biblical words
76 78
Homely fruit? Long stretches
“Westworld” 6 30 minutes at
House successors
potting shed? 108 Harry and Jack
11 Company whose
40 Biblical words before and after
78 79
Long stretches About
6 30 minutes at Lambeau Field
successors 79 Ref. work
108 Harry and Jack who co-founded
whose signature
before and after “for”
79 81
About Gold-covered
Lambeau Field 10 Tabloid
79 Ref. work that added
who co-founded Columbia
signature product resulted
41 Anklebones
81 82
Gold-covered Low-calorie
10 Tabloid twosome
that added “livestream” in
Columbia Pictures
product resulted from a plan
41 Anklebones 42 Terra __
Low-calorie mints
14 Dire March time
“livestream” in 2021
109 Poet Khayyám
from a plan to sell more
42 Terra __ 43 Fictional
By mistake
14 Dire March time 18 Trade shows
18 Trade shows 19 Hanoi’s home
80 Pre-Easter
109 Poet Khayyám 110 Ballet attire
to sell more chewing gum
43 Fictional 16-year-old von
83 85
By mistake Looks unstable
19 Hanoi’s home 20 Miffed
80 Pre-Easter purchase
110 Ballet attire 111 “Crouching
chewing gum Bow-toting god
16-year-old von Trapp girl
85 86
Looks unstable English John
20 Miffed
21 That is, in Latin
purchase 82 In order
111 “Crouching Tiger, Hidden
12 Bow-toting god 13 Came together
Trapp girl 44 Cancels
86 87
English John Secures, as a
21 That is, in Latin 22 Explanatory
82 In order
84 Northeastern
Tiger, Hidden Dragon”
13 Came together 14 Kid’s comeback
44 Cancels
45 Post-rush hour
Secures, as a carton
22 Explanatory words on a map
84 Northeastern fishing fleet?
Dragon” character
14 Kid’s comeback 15 Why the
45 Post-rush hour elation?
Mends a sock
words on a map of dictators’
fishing fleet? 88 Alp ending
character 112 Span. miss
15 Why the housing
48 Constant news
89 92
Mends a sock Real baffler
of dictators’ homes?
88 Alp ending
89 Man caves, e.g.
112 Span. miss
113 Sounds of scorn
housing development
48 Constant news channel feature
92 93
Real baffler Italian sub layer
25 Type of wheel
89 Man caves, e.g. 90 End of an
113 Sounds of scorn 114 Part of a plan
development was postponed? was postponed?
channel feature 51 Film review site 51 Film review site
93 95 95
Italian sub layer “Run” singer “Run” singer Lewis
25 Type of wheel or chart
90 End of an ultimatum
114 Part of a plan 115 Anticipate
16 Anka hit with a 16 Anka hit with a Spanish title
52 Potter son 52 Potter son named for named for
Cook in a wok, Cook in a wok, say
or chart 26 Diplomat’s
91 Support groups
115 Anticipate
Spanish title 17 Big steps
96 96 97 97
26 Diplomat’s asset
91 Support groups 94 Storm refuges
17 Big steps 21 Start of 21 Start of
Dumbledore Dumbledore
27 Square root of
94 Storm refuges 96 O’Rourke of
1 Uses WhatsApp 1 Uses WhatsApp
53 Texting vehicle 53 Texting vehicle
Goes after Goes after Pitchers’ assets Pitchers’ assets Ring event
Ring event
Kitty comment Kitty comment Picked up Picked up Cleveland __, Cleveland __, OH
Reagan Airport, Reagan Airport, on luggage tags on luggage tags
27 Square root of nueve
96 O’Rourke of Texas
or Viber or Viber
Caesar’s boast Caesar’s boast
55 Guy in an 55 Guy in an
28 Handshake
97 Barbecue rod
2 Split result 2 Split result
23 “__ speaking ... ” 23 “__ speaking ... ”
99 exclusive 101 exclusive 101 network 102 network 102 57 Collegiate focus 103 57 Collegiate focus 103 105 105 106 106
28 Handshake alternatives
97 Barbecue rod 98 “Not interested”
3 Musk’s Starship 3 Musk’s Starship
24 Narrowly beat 24 Narrowly beat
alternatives 29 Way to heat up
98 “Not interested”
developer developer
29 Golden State 29 Golden State
29 Way to heat up 100 They make an
your sushi? your sushi?
effort effort
size, say size, say
31 GPS 31 GPS
30 Business 30 Business
101 Glee club voice 101 Glee club voice
5 Show curiosity 5 Show curiosity
calculations calculations
polos polos
address abbr. address abbr.
102 She followed 102 She followed
6 Panama’s 6 Panama’s
32 C-ration 32 C-ration
60 Brooklyn “y’all” 60 Brooklyn “y’all” 62 “Could happen”
107 107
31 Notable 31 Notable stretches
Guthrie at Guthrie at Woodstock
place? place?
successors successors
62 “Could happen”
stretches 32 MLB VIPs
They make an
4 Organize by 4 Organize by
58 Actor Driver 58 Actor Driver 59 Big name in 59 Big name in
  32 MLB VIPs 33 Sled-pulling
  33 Sled-pulling pooch
pooch 34 Strikingly
34 Strikingly strange
strange 36 Geometry
36 Geometry product
37 Read carefully,
37 Read carefully, with “over”
with “over” 38 Verb
38 Verb attachment
attachment 39 Shipping
39 Shipping
delivery delivery
headache? headache?
42 Corp. money 42 Corp. money
execs execs
43 Medieval 43 Medieval
musician musician
46 Grafton’s “__ for 46 Grafton’s “__ for
Noose” Noose”
47 Plum kin 47 Plum kin
49 Memo start 49 Memo start
50 House 50 House
attachment attachment
52 One may be a 52 One may be a
lot lot
54 Garden center 54 Garden center
brand brand
56 Author LeShan 56 Author LeShan
57 “Whadya know!” 57 “Whadya know!”
58 Pub orders 58 Pub orders
59 In a heated way 59 In a heated way
6161DDisinsenyeypprinrincecesss ofotfhtehekikninggddoomm ofoEf Encnhchaanncicaia
6363MMedeidaiabbaarrraraggee fofrorGGaracricaia’s’s
babnadn?d? 666GGuyuyfofuounnddinin
kikdisd’sb’ obooksks 6767SSete-tu-pupppuunnchch 6969HHeaevayvyhhaammmeer r 7070SStirtirupup 7272“A“Alaldadidnin” ”
mmonoknekeyy 7373DDoowwhahat thhee
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  Ice Capades
Itend to read a lot of self-help books and articles. For the sake of my family and co-workers, I am always trying to find ways to improve myself. At my age, I don’t know how much time I have left (actually no one does), but I want to make the best of every single day.
I recently saw something having to do with the morning routines of billionaires. It implied that if you do these things that you, too, could one day be in the big B club. Yeah, right! Well, I have my own morning routine that I’ve been doing lately, and up until recently it’s served me pretty well.
Now that I work closer to where I live, I no longer have the daily traffic grind and have shaved off maybe 10 hours of my weekly commute. That translates to me being able to sleep later, so now my iPhone alarm is set to 6:30 a.m.
My wife and daughter are out the door and it totally bothers my daughter that I’m still in bed. But I spring out of bed as soon as I turn off the alarm due to a book I read called The 5 Second Rule. It says procrastinating is a thing of the past if you count down 5-4-3-2-1 and do whatever it is you’re avoiding doing. Not sure why, but this really works!
                                               The next thing I do is make the bed. That’s because another book I read, called Make Your Bed, professes that if that’s the first thing you accomplish, it sets the tone for the rest of your day.
     Then, I proceed to brushing my teeth with my left hand even though I’m right-handed. That’s right, another thing I read that says doing this exercises your brain by breaking free from automatic routines.
     I will then go to the kitchen and take all my daily supple- ments. It’s a mishmash of things I’ve read about over the years that can cure nearly everything that ails you.
    Finally, before leaving, I fix myself a coffee flask of keto coffee, something I read about that curbs your appetite if you’re on an intermittent fasting routine. I’ll add a tablespoon of Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, which supposedly converts into brain-powering, fat-burning ketone energy.
        Of course, doing all this is for nothing if you can’t even get out of the house. The other morning, I was leaving through the garage with my flask of coffee. I clumsily dropped it and the contents spilled all over the floor. I accidentally stepped into the pool of coffee and the oil in it made me slide like an Olympic curling stone on ice. Luckily, I crashed into our garage stash of toilet paper, which braced my fall, seat first, into the puddle of coffee.
          Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a book about avoiding me being me.
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