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  10 KAUA‘I MIDWEEK JULY 7, 2021
           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 4, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 4, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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“SURPRISE 88 Space race PA“SCUKRAPGREIS”EBy PAM 88inSitpialsce race APMAICKAKGLEA”WBITyTPEARM 90 Pioncitiatlesllo-to-
121 *Fast talk from 121 th*Feaosnt -tdaelkckfrom
10 King known for 10 hKisinwgekanlothwn for
53 Movie industry 95 5 3 r Me p o s v : i e A i b n b d r u . s t r y 9 5
56 Icnatrpotatoinphysics? 576 “ILnitkroewtoispeh” ysics? 587 L“Laiuknedwriyseu”nits 6508 CLaupnitadlryNuEnoitsf
“When Will __ L“Wovheedn?”W: 1ill9_7_5 hL i ot v e d ? ” : 1 9 7 5 Sh i ht e e t m a t e r i a l Suhdedeet nmsapteikrieal
90PProvcoatdeilrl.o-to- 91 OPnreovinoadibr.ust 9931ROanisemiannawbiuthst
ctihrceleon-deck 123 Mcairrccleus partner 112243 ItM’sanrocut sbuptatertrner 112254 VI at ’ sn n neol tl i bouf t pt eor p 112265 NVEansnyesltl.i wofitpho6p4
11 JhoishnwDealvthid, to 11 DJeonhzneDl avid, to
54 Qreupese:qAubebgr.’s
54 cQaupetaeiqnueg’s 96
1 SeAuCssRcOriSttSer in 1soScekusss critter in
12 Doeunbzlel-dog 12 aDcotiounb?le-dog
10908 RSeuvdideewnssopfike
100 bRoeovkiesws of
101 Dbooraksthe
101 EDxopralortheer’s Isa,
4 Ssinogcekrswith a 4BSesintgAecrtrweisthsa OBsecastrActress
93thRreaeismOalynmwpitch gtohlrdeemOedlyamlspic
1 2 6 c Na mE ps uy s s et . s w i t h 6 4 127 Bcoanmdp’sucsaers
13 Tackteiona?dvantage 13 oTfake advantage
8 BOestc-oafr-seven 8MBLeBsts-eomf-sifeinvaeln
97 Llocsaelr?bond, 97bLrioecflayl bond,
128 aNwiagrhdtsch.
129 Eaxwxaornd,sformerly 113209 SEhxipxpoin,gfosrumpeprlly
63 Pseicmkeatninag
653 MPicl.kteratiinging site 675 TMaitlt.otoracinainvgasite
102 film 102 fFersetnivcahl sfiiltme
12 PMutLoBneseomviefirnoanl 1712CPuuptidone over on
99 “_b_rieBfluyrr, 99S“i_r”_: sBounrgr, in
130 thSahtiplipniknsgthsuepply
21 a“cLt.rAe.sLsaw”
103 Nf e o s t t i f v o a r l k s i i d t e s , 103 fNilmotwfoisrekids,
17 Cupid counterpart
“HSairm”:isltong” in
atnhsawt leinrskstothe
23 Flintstones time
67 Tattoo canvas 68 Watson who
105 Cfilomldwisoeund
counterpart 19 Olympics event
101 *T“Houagmhiltoanlk” 101te*nTosiuognhetaslker
satanrsrewdercslutoes starred clues
23 Flintstones time 24 Orange soda
68 Watson who played Hermione
105 Cold sound 108 Four Holy
19 Olympics event since 1964
tension easer 104 *Offenbach
24 Orange soda brand
played Hermione 69 *Bank
108 Four Holy Roman
since 1964 20 Poi source
104 *Offenbach output
28 Songwriters’ org.
69 *Bank transaction
Roman emperors
20 Poi source 21 Aquafina
28 Songwriters’ org. 31 Glitzy genre
transaction 71 Rhinitis docs
emperors 111 Caspian Sea
21 Aquafina alternative
1 Greek salad
31 Glitzy genre 33 Break in the
71 Rhinitis docs
72 Weed killer land
alternative 22 *Editorial
106 Slack-jawed look 107 They might be
1 Greek salad topper
33 Break in the theater
75 More faithful
112 Not a good
22 *Editorial comment
107 They might be holy
2 Wash. neighbor
34 Nice turndown
75 More faithful 78 Studio picture
112 Not a good review
comment 25 Builds
109 Removed
2 Wash. neighbor 3 Love letters?
34 Nice turndown 35 Winter transport
78 Studio picture taker
114 Trident-shaped
25 Builds 26 Rainforest
109 Removed 110 Family card
3 Love letters? 4 Crossword
35 Winter transport 36 Pioneering DVR
80 Uruguay’s Punta
114 Trident-shaped frat letters
26 Rainforest rodent
110 Family card game
4 Crossword constructor’s
36 Pioneering DVR 37 Rd. map lines
80 Uruguay’s Punta del __
frat letters 116 Concert
27 Channel with a
111 URL addresses
constructor’s job
37 Rd. map lines 38 Plastic __ Band
del __
82 Guilty feeling
116 Concert memento
27 Channel with a gate
111 URL addresses 113 Subject of a
5 Group __
38 Plastic __ Band 40 Webmaster’s
82 Guilty feeling
84 Works on a route
117 Prefix with -zoic
28 Onboard assent
113 Subject of a 2021 packet
5 Group __
6 They’re beaten
40 Webmaster’s code
84 Works on a route 85 Wells race of
117 Prefix with -zoic
118 Serengeti
28 Onboard assent 29 Family tree fill
2021 packet shortage
6 They’re beaten in kitchens
code 41 Unlikely
85 Wells race of the future
118 Serengeti antelope
29 Family tree fill 30 Last word in a
shortage 115 It’s been
in kitchens 7 Put back in a
41 Unlikely GoFundMe
the future
86 Match in a studio
120 Word in a Latin
30 Last word in a popular drinking
115 It’s been shortening for
7 Put back in a seat
GoFundMe donor
86 Match in a studio 89 Scoreboard figs.
120 Word in a Latin love poem
popular drinking game
shortening for over a century
8 Overhead
47 Deli array
89 Scoreboard figs. 91 SSW’s opposite
love poem
121 Cranberry source
32 Completely
over a century 119 “Broken Arrow”
8 Overhead storage
47 Deli array 49 Orders
91 SSW’s opposite 92 Snobbish
121 Cranberry source
122 Brain and spinal
122 Brain and spinal
32 Completely wraps
119 “Broken Arrow” co-star
storage 9 Secular
49 Orders
50 Run-down area
92 Snobbish attitude attitude
cord, initially cord, initially
34 “Well done!”
9 Secular
50 Run-down area
94 Agdovlidcemferodmalsa 94loAsdevr?ice from a
127sBtaorntedr’?s car 128 Nsitgahrtesrc?h.
14 *oTfraveler’s aid 1154 L*uTreaveler’s aid 165 MLaunrewith a World 1186 FMoagn with a World 218 “FL.oAg. Law”
60 VC i ea np t i t i a a nl Ne E o f 62 PVaiertnotiaf nuena 62 sPeamrtaonfauna
eE . xg p. l o r e r ’ s I s a ,
106 Slack-jawed look
111 Caspian Sea 72 Weed killer land
  34 “Well done!” 35 *Solid piece
  35 *Solid piece of security
of security hardware
39 *Part of a school
39 *Part of a school kid’s allowance
kid’s allowance 42 London driver’s
42 London driver’s unit
43 She’s no pro
43 She’s no pro 44 Making a case
44 Making a case for
45 Woman on the
45 Woman on the Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel ceiling
46 Snowballs in a
46 Snowballs in a fight, e.g.
fight, e.g.
48 ’60s protest gp.
48 ’60s protest gp. 51 Dashboard nos.
51 Dashboard nos. 52 AL West team,
52 AL West team, in crawl lines
in crawl lines 55 Doctor’s order
55 Doctor’s order 57 Belgian lager,
57 Belgian lager, familiarly
familiarly 59 Bethlehem
59 Bethlehem university
university 61 Jet Ski rival
61 Jet Ski rival 64 Kaley who
64 Kaley who
played Penny played Penny
on “The Big on “The Big
Bang Theory” Bang Theory”
66 One with dreads 66 One with dreads
67 Church branch 67 Church branch
70 *Online dating 70 *Online dating
coup coup
73 Govt. accident 73 Govt. accident
investigator investigator
74 Shrinking retailer 74 Shrinking retailer
76 All together 76 All together
77 Mississippi 77 Mississippi
River explorer River explorer
79 “That was a 79 “That was a
brutal workout!” brutal workout!”
81 Solution 81 Solution
measures measures
83 Paper- 83 Paper-
saving party saving party
announcements announcements
8787“I“gI ugeusessnnoot”t”
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 Father’s Year
 Ihave to say that Father’s Day this year was exception- al. To be honest, in my house, every day is Father’s Day. That’s because in spite of my daily antics, I get the very best treatment from my wife, daughter and son. Anyone else probably would have abandoned me years ago, for as you know from this column, I’m not the easiest guy to live with.
We struggled from the early days of my newspaper ca- reer when I started as a commercial printing sales assis- tant. I was earning the salary equivalent of $5 an hour and literally working seven days a week.
My then-girlfriend and current wife would accompany me on the weekends and wait in the car while I worked on the circular for Home Improvement Warehouse Outlet. Lat- er, we would get married and have two wonderful children.
While my family always came first, my wife understood the sacrifices we would have to make in order for me to “pay my dues” with the company so we could send our kids to parochial private schooling, and later to good universities. She has always taken great care of me and our children during those late nights and weekends at the office. These days, it’s my turn to take care of them, but regardless, I always get the royal treatment. Seriously, I do.
                                                   This past Father’s Day, I was treated to an outing to see a movie at the theater. My family, along with my brother, sister and her son, decided to take in a movie matinée of A Quiet Place Part II at Consolidated Theatres Mililani.
     Tickets and seats were purchased in advance using a phone app. My sister took orders for food, which she placed online and were ready for us when we arrived. The menu was extensive — from salads to desserts, break- fast dishes, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, varieties of french fries and even alcoholic beverages. Oh yeah, they had popcorn, too.
          The theaters were nice and cool, plus with the reclining seats, it was a challenge not to fall asleep. But the movie was really great, as the acting (Emily Blunt is my favorite actress) and story kept us on the edge of our seats.
     I had nearly forgotten how much I love going to the movies and now with all these conveniences and ameni- ties, I am totally sold on going back even with the current precautions — just as long as they put out solid cinema entertainment.
        So now that I’ve declared this as Father’s Year, I can’t wait for Top Gun: Maverick and the next Bond movie, No Time to Die, for my family to spoil me.
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