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IPutting A Creative Spin On A Paint Project
 t’s easy to add some “fireworks” to your cardmaking. canvas. Make sure to do this outdoors, since the paint will This week, I’m sharing a simple but fun technique to add splash everywhere. The technique I’m going to share is a little splashes of color to your artwork: DIY spin art. smaller in scale and more contained.
Roll up a small piece of painter’s tape, with the sticky side out. Place at the bottom of the basket. The tape will hold the paper down when you are spinning.
  There are many ways to do this. Some people load paint Don’t forget to experiment. I used interference paints on
on canvases and fling it out into an open area and let the paint splash everywhere.
the black mixed-media paper for a pearly look. It’s so much fun, and you never know what design you’ll get.
Another way I’ve seen people do this is to attach a strip of wood behind a canvas and attach it to a drill to spin the
Find this project sheet and many more at benfranklinha-
    Following the manufacturer’s instruc- tions, add fluid medium to your paint. This will make them “drippier” but not thinned out like if you were to just water them down. Prepare all the colors you want to use.
Drip paint onto the paper. Place the cover on the salad spinner and spin.
Take a salad spinner with an open bowl (no center core piece) and line the basket with plastic wrap or similar for quicker clean up. Make sure the lining does not interfere with the basket being able to spin.
Remove the cover and check 6 your design.
• mixed-media paper or similar
• paints or inks, fluid consistency
• fluid medium or similar
• containers and stirrers for mixing
• painter’s tape
• salad spinner, with open bowl (you can also use a Lazy Susan turntable with a cardboard box around to catch paint splashes)
• plastic wrap
 Cut a piece of mixed-media paper small enough to fit in the basket of the salad spinner. Place paper on the painter’s tape at the bot- tom of the basket.
Add more paint and spin again as desired. Remove and let the paint dry.
Use your spin art as a background for projects.
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